America 2019 Around Amma 2019

Amma’s name was entered into the United States congressional record

11-13 July, Chicago – America Yatra 2019 During Amma’s Chicago programs, United States Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi honored Amma with a congressional commendation recognizing her humanitarian initiatives and conservation efforts across the globe. Congressman Krishnamoorthi said that the congressional commendation was entered into the United States congressional record to ensure that people today and throughout history […]

America 2018 Around Amma 2018

It’s rare to see a world religious leader having so much direct contact with the general public

24-26 June, Illinois, Chicago – America Yatra 2018 Amma’s annual three days of programs at MA Center Chicago in Elburn were marked by important local figures who came to show their appreciation for the work Amma and the MA Center has done for the local community, county and the world at large. The Kane County […]

America 2017 Around Amma 2017

Grow by growing up is a journey towards immortality

20-22 June, MA Center Chicago, Elburn, IL – America Yatra 2017 Amma returned to her Chicago Ashram for three days of programs. Spread on 141 serene acres, MA Center Chicago has become a hub of activity for Amma’s Mid-western devotees. The Center offers numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, including retreats, volunteer activities, classes, yoga, devotional […]

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Tornado recovery efforts at Eureka

August 13, 2016, Kansas, USA On the evening of July 7th 2016, multiple tornadoes struck Greenwood County Kansas in both a sparsely populated rural area as well as the town of Eureka, KS. Over 50 homes were damaged in the town and nearly half of these were completely destroyed. In the rural countryside, two farmsteads […]

America 2016 Around Amma 2016

Amma in Chicago Ashram

27-29 June, Chicago, IL, America Yatra 2016 A freshly painted hall welcomed Amma to her Chicago Ashram as she returned for the 5th consecutive year. She led all in Meditation, Bhajans gave talks and Darshan on these two days. During the first day of programs, area Satsangs put on a number of cultural programs. Bala […]

America 2015 Around Amma 2015

Amma has taught us simplicity, humility and service

1-3 July, Chicago, IL – America Yatra 2015 Amma held three days of programs in her Chicago Ashram. This was Amma’s fourth annual visit to M. A. Center, Chicago. The Chicago Ashram has seen many changes in the past year. The storage hall next to the main hall has been turned into the main dining […]

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Everything is revealed in a still mind

28 – 29 Jun, Chicago – USA YAtra 2011 Amma arrived in the city of Chicago to commence 2 days of public programs at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center. Devotees came from far and wide to receive Her darshan and to celebrate the 25th year since her first tour of North America in the […]

America 2010 Around Amma Videos Yatra

If we dont help each other there is no future for this world

30th June – 2nd July, Chicago, Illinois  –USA Yatra 2010 After a 14hours drive from Dallas, Amma arrived in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois. Today, the city retains its status as a major hub, both for industry and infrastructure. Mayor Roger C. Claar of […]

Around Amma Videos

Independence Day in Chicago

July 3 – 5, 2009 — Lombard, Illinois, USA Amma’s annual programs in Chicago fell on America’s Independence Day Weekend. As fireworks burst in the summer skies celebrating the United State’s freedom from the British, Amma and devotees celebrated a different type of freedom. On the first day, William J. Mueller, the Lombard Village President, […]

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Greetings from Northeastern

5 July 2008 — Lombard, Illinois, USA Amma was welcomed to the Chicago area by Dr. Sharon Hahs, the President of Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Hahs and Northeastern faculty and students presented Amma with a series of sacred objects, culminating with Dr. Hahs reverently placing a blue wool blanket around Amma’s shoulders—a Native American tradition […]