If we dont help each other there is no future for this world

30th June – 2nd July, Chicago, Illinois  –USA Yatra 2010
After a 14hours drive from Dallas, Amma arrived in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois. Today, the city retains its status as a major hub, both for industry and infrastructure.
Mayor Roger C. Claar of Bolingbrook welcomed Amma on behalf of the city and said in an interview: “It is so impressive to see her. What she has done for the victims of Katrina and the Tsunami and for the people in Haiti and other countries- that is just beyond belief; ‘Embracing the World’ who can argue with that concept. Her, asking people to volunteer and help that is the message we are all trying to carry today, because if we don’t help each other there is no future for this world.”
The next stop will be New York City.