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  • Let us all become the change we desire in the world

    Let us all become the change we desire in the world

    Children, may your eyes melt with compassion. May your heads bow low with humility. May your hands be immersed in serving others. May your feet tread the path of dharma.

  • AmritaVarsham 67 – One World, One Prayer

    AmritaVarsham 67 – One World, One Prayer

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Amma, Amma has never been interested in celebrating her birthday. Regardless, for decades now, we, her children, have been meeting in Amritapuri to celebrate this auspicious occasion by spending the whole day in selfless service and prayers for world peace. As all of you are aware, September 27th of this…

  • Melting pot of Los Angeles

    15- 19 Los Angeles, American Yatra 2012 Los Angeles is a megalopolis–it spreads for miles and miles in all directions; in one of those directions it engulfs Hollywood, Mecca to budding stars and starlets.  So is it any surprise that at Amma’s LA program, the second night retreat program included theatrical shows? As Amma was…

  • Bahrain 2007

    Bahrain 2007

    Sep 2007 Amma’s birthday celebrations held in Bahrain.  

  • Amma’s essence and wealth are her children

    Amma’s essence and wealth are her children

    Amma’s 53rd Birthday Celebrations 27 September 2006 — Amritapuri Amma’s birthday began in the Brahma mahurta with a Maha Ganapati Homa performed by Brahmasri Surya Kaladi Jaya Suryan Bhatathiripad. In fact, only two hours prior to the start of the homa, Amma was still out and about, cutting vegetables and checking into the preparation of…

  • Birthday Camaraderie

    Birthday Camaraderie

    27 September 2006 — Amritapuri During Amma’s 53rd Birthday Celebrations, there was a very precious moment between Amma and Sri. C. Divakaran, the Honourable Minister for Food & Civil Supplies of Kerala. In the speech the minister delivered when inaugurating one of the Ashram’s new humanitarian projects, Divakaran said, “The first time I saw Amma,…

  • Dancing celebration

    Dancing celebration

    Amritapuri, Israel, Ooty & California Merge in Devotion 27 September 2006 — Amritapuri It seems Bala Bhaskar’s Indo-rock fusion ensemble that performed on the eve of Amma’s birthday was a harbinger of things to come. In the final hours of Amma’s birthday celebreations, music and dance from several lands merged together like a confluence of…

  • Icing on the cake: Amma in the kitchen

    Icing on the cake: Amma in the kitchen

    3:00 a.m., 27 September 2006 — Amritapuri In the wee hours of Amma’s birthday, Amma paid a visit to the kitchen, where hundreds of devotees had been busy for hours, preparing the rice, sambar and curries needed for the next day’s meals. On Amma’s birthday the Ashram feeds everyone without charge—anna-danam. With the potential of…

  • Eve of the Birthday

    Eve of the Birthday

    3 a.m. 27 September 2006 — Amritapuri After finishing darshan at about 5:30 pm, Amma briefly returned to her room, and then came out for bhajans at 7:00. The hall was filled to the brim with devotees who had come to celebrate Amma’s Birthday. After bhajans, Amma then returned to her room again, and the…

  • Amma’s 53rd Birthday Celebrations in Amritapuri

    Amma’s 53rd Birthday Celebrations in Amritapuri

    20 September 2006 — Amritapuri Amma’s 53rd birthday will be celebrated at the Amritapuri Ashram on September 27th. All of Amma’s children from around the world are of course invited to come. In fact, 30 to 40 thousands people—from all over India and abroad—are expected to make the pilgrimage. For Amma, the day holds no…