Around Amma 2019 Europe 2019

We are truly in front of Devi

At the close of the program, Amma came to the front of the stage and showered flowers on each person as they passed in front of her – her way of worshipping God within each of us. Just as at the start of the program, it was as if a sea of humanity was passing in front of Amma.

Around Amma 2018 Europe 2018

Amma is our ambassador of peace

9-11 Oct, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2018 Granollers was the first stop of Amma’s 2018 European Yatra. The evening of her arrival in Spain, Amma received a warm and rousing welcome from her children, who had gathered from all over the country to help organize the program. Amma was welcomed to the region by […]

Around Amma 2016 Europe 2016

Corazón Solidario honored Amma for her humanitarian work

3 – 5 Nov, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2016 After several years of programs in nearby Granollers, Amma was in the heart of Barcelona, where her free public programs were held at the Palau Sant Jordi, the third largest indoor arena in Europe. The Palau Sant Jordi is part of the Olympic Ring complex, […]

Around Amma 2015 Community Out Reach Europe 2015

It is the message of peace, equality and unity

October 6-8, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2015 On all the three days huge crowds lined up around the block for their chance to meet Amma. Many were coming to meet Amma for the first time but others, like the Mayor, the Honorable Josep Mayoral, have been coming yearly to welcome Amma. Granollers, Spain, has […]

Around Amma 2011 Europe 2011 Photos Videos

Amma in Barcelona

5 -7  November, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2011 Amma began her visit to Spain by spending a day in the Barcelona Ashram and inviting all of the devotees there for lunch. Before serving the meal Amma delighted all the devotees present when she lead the beginning of the guided meditation in Spanish. The following […]

Around Amma Europe 2008 Europe 2010 Photos Videos Yatra

Diwali with Amma in Barcelona

7 – 9 November, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2010 Amma was warmly welcomed by the local devotees at the Spanish MA Center . The Center is located in the outskirts Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, very close to the holy mountains of Montserrat, which is a famous pilgrimage site for the Virgin […]

Around Amma Europe 2008 Videos

Amma in Spain

Barcelona, 13 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008 Amma visited her recently established Spanish Ashram near the holy mountain Montserrat, about half an hour away from the city of Barcelona. At the program hall in Barcelona the Councillor of the Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Roger Pallarols Taylor, welcomed Amma. He said: “I feel moved by her […]

Around Amma Europe 2007 Photos

Amma in Barcelona, Spain

5 -7 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain — Europe yatra 2007 Local devotees welcomed Amma with a cake – marking the tenth anniversary of Amma’s visit to their city. World-renowned cello player Lluis Claret and his family performed for Amma. After receiving darshan he commented, ‘I felt immediately a great great inside peace and serenity. That’s […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2005

We want to thank you

November 5-7, 2005 – Barcelona, Spain On the shores of the Mediterranean, a sea of humanity gathered at the Mar Bella Sports Centre in Barcelona over the past three days.  The crowds were so large that each day the morning darshan lasted until 5pm and then when Amma would return just 2 hours later for […]

Around Amma 2004 Europe 2004

Amma visited Barcelona 2004

Amma visited Barcelona, Spain from November 5-7, 2004