Through darshan I discovered a new universe

Amma in Barcelona, Spain

11 – 13 November, Barcelona, Spain – 2009 Europe Yatra

A enormous amount of people lined up several blocks away from the hall in Barcelona to receive Amma’s darshan. Even six hours after the program started, people were still queuing in large numbers outside the program hall.

Amma was welcomed by Antoni Morral, Mayor of Cerdanyola del Vallès, the part of Barcelona where the program took place.

In an interview he said: “I am really satisfied and happy that Amma is visiting our city again; it is an important and exceptional event having Amma here. Meeting Amma was very touching and profound, through her darshan I discovered a new universe.”

Roger Pallarols, Member of City Council said: “It is a big honor to welcome Amma in Barcelona, and so we would like to show and share our joy to have her here.”

Renowned pianist Sira Hernandez performed famous sonatas from Bach and Chopin for Amma.

At the end of a long darshan, a little girl spontaneously started dancing for Amma, expressing her joy.

With this program in Barcelona, this year’s Europe Yatra came to an end, but Amma continues giving darshan. The next program will be in San Ramon, California, USA.