Sthala Purana

Rama’s children raised in Wayanad

Brahma Mystified by Vishnu Sthala Puranas of Bharat The Tirunelli Maha-Vishnu Temple Once upon a time, Lord Brahma was flying through his creation on his swan. At one point he was drawn by the beauty of a hill in what is today known as the Wayanad District of Kerala and decided to land there. (Thus […]

Around Amma Photos

Never Mind the Rain in Cherukolpuzha

6 February 2000, Cherukolpuzha, Pathanamtitta Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Maha Sammelan Usually when Amma is about to arrive at one of these big outdoor programs, all faces are turned towards the far end of the center aisle of whatever huge space or pandal has been arranged. Music is playing, and a long carpet has been rolled out […]


Sivaratri – meaning and significance

Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness that illuminates the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

Health Care

Amrita Kripa Sagar cancer hospice

Care for the terminally ill is provided in an atmosphere of love and compassion in Thane, Mumbai