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  • Prana pratishta in Bangalore

    Prana pratishta in Bangalore

    Amma was going to breathe life, breathe Divinity, into an inanimate stone. Her vital force is the vishwa shakti, the universal energy

  • Kalasha sthapana in Bangalore

    Kalasha sthapana in Bangalore

    12 February 2003, BangaloreAt 8:30 this morning Amma performed the Kalasha Sthapana for Her newest Brahmasthanam Temple, installing the stupika at the apex of the temple’s roof. Gongs, bells, traditional panchavadyam drums and horns accompanied the continuous chanting of the mantra “Om Sivasaktyaikya Rupinyai Namah” (Salutations to the One who is the union of Shiva…

  • Housing colony in Rameswaram

    Housing colony in Rameswaram

    10 January 2003, Rameswaram Amma’s programme at this legendary island off the eastern coast of India is being held at Her newly constructed housing colony here. Part of Amma’s Amrita Kuteeram project, keys to 108 new homes, were given to homeless families this evening in a special ceremony. Sri Vidya Sagar Rao, The Honourable Minister…

  • What is she doing after darshan?

    What is she doing after darshan?

    8 January 2003, Sivakasi Do you ever wonder what Amma does after finishing darshan? In Sivakasi, after finishing darshan, Amma headed straight for Anbu Illam, Her care home for the elderly located there. She reached the place at 4.30. Even at that late hour, She took time to greet the residents who had been eagerly…

  • Utsav is the state when mind overflows with love

    Birthday Celebrations 2002, Amritapuri   “Utsavam (festivity) is the state in which the mind overflows with Divine Love, when the Love that is within us finds expression in external activities. My children should pray for the peace and welfare of one and all, rather than indulging in outward exhibition. Mutual love is practically the only…

  • Fireworks meditation

    13 April 2002,Vishu Eve, Amritapuri Amma had finished playing with Ram; normally, She would go up Her steps to Her room. This night was different. Instead, suddenly She made Her way to the front steps of the temple. It seems the computer students from the ashrams’ Institute had arranged a special fireworks display for the…