Singing Darshan in Kochi

3 April 2003, Kochi

The devotees in Kochi received a sweet surprise late one evening as Amma stopped giving darshan long enough to sing two bhajans.

Amma singing Gujarati in Kochi

It began when three Gujarati children came for Amma’s darshan. It was their first chance to meet Amma but, knowing their native place, Amma asked, “Have you heard Amma singing in Gujarati?” The children replied that they had not. Amma announced that She would sing for Gujarati children. Turning and asking the swami who was about to begin another bhajan to wait, She called for a microphone and bhajan books. At first Amma’s voice, confident, clear and imbued with an innocent delight drifted through the night with no musical accompaniment at all. It was Music to the ears of all Her children gathered there. The whole crowd began to clap along with Amma, and the musicians, set far back on stage, began to play along with Her.

A blissful silence descended upon the crowd at the end of the song, but Amma wasn’t finished; there was yet another child nearby whom She would shower with grace. A student at Amma’s AICT in Kochi, Sree Devi had given a poem to Amma when she came for darshan at Amritapuri. Amma had the poem set to music and She had already sung it several times at Amritapuri, but Sree Devi had not gotten the chance to hear Amma singing it. But when she went for darshan and innocently requested Amma to sing it sometime during the programmes, she had no idea that Amma would drop everything and sing it right then and there.

For Amma, there is no tomorrow, no yesterday, but only the eternal Present. Seen from that light, it is not surprising that Amma chose to seize the moment to fulfil the wishes of Her children.: Amma Sings During Darshan.