Free Housing

Out of the Slums in Hyderabad

Guddimalkapur In 1999, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu visited Amma during Her programme in Hyderabad and asked Her if the M.A.M would undertake seva projects in Hyderabad. She readily agreed. The District Collector identified two large housing projects in slum colonies. The largest one was at Guddimalkapur. After a fire […]

Around Amma 2002 Free Housing

Amma blesses Mysore with homes and healthcare

14 Feb 2002, Mysore – Bharata yatra 2002 Amma’s darshan programs in Mysore in 2002 began with the implementation of charities and the request for more. Shining as bright as diamonds, Amma greeted Karnataka’s District Minister H. Viswanath with a loving embrace. The full hall of devotees listened on as the minister thanked Amma for […]

Disaster Relief Free Housing

Gujarat Earthquake – Rebuilding Communities

The earthquake that struck Gujarat in 2001 claimed the lives of almost 20,000 people. Amma’s response was immediate. AIMS Hospital dispatched a disaster-relief team of a dozen surgeons and two fully equipped ambulances that facilitated expert trauma care in the devastated areas. The doctors performed lifesaving operations in extremely makeshift conditions. One hundred students from […]

Around Amma 2001 Free Housing Free Pension

Amrita Kuteeram and Amrita Nidhi in Bangalore

Inauguration of Amrita Kuteeram and Amrita Nidhi Projects March 7, 2001 Today Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi was given a public reception at the Central College Grounds, Bangalore. Sri A. Krishnappa, the Minister for Animal Husbandry and Sugar in Karnataka, welcomed Amma on behalf of the Government of Karnataka and spoke about the various social service […]

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Amma’s Visit to Mysore 2001

4 March. Mysore, Karnataka – Bharata Yata 2001 Inauguration of AICT, Hospital, Handing over the keys of Amritakuteeram During Amma’s visit to Mysore in March 2001, Sri S.M. Krishna, Chief Minister of Karnataka visited the Mysore ashram and had the honor to inaugurate the Amrita Kripa Hospital Project, the AICT Mysore, and handed over the […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2001 Free Housing

How blind people smile

20 January 2001, Chennai During the Chennai Brahmasthanam Festival keys were distributed to recipients of Amrita Kuteeram, Mother’s house-building project for the homeless. The Union Minister for Rural Development, Sri Venkaiah Naidu, handed over the keys in the presence of Amma. Speaking on the occasion, he said: “I am not a spiritual man. I am […]

Around Amma 2001 Free Housing

Amma’s Chennai visit 2001

14 January 2001, Chennai Chennai (Madras), one of the cinema capitals of India, has large cut-out photographs of film stars. A centre of political activity, it sports larger-than-life cut-outs of political leaders, too. Among the cut-outs towering above the crowded streets of Chennai, this year there were those of Amma – the one at the […]