Around Amma 2023 Gurukula Satsang

What is real prayer? A lesson from Ramayana month

The test was simple but demanding: whoever could lift and string the mighty bow of Shiva, a gift to King Janaka, would win Sita’s hand in marriage.

Around Amma 2023 Ashram Life

International Yoga Day celebrated vibrantly

Science and spirituality—or yoga—are like the two wings of a bird. We need both. Yoga will help us bring harmony not merely into our individual life, nor merely into society, but into the entire world.

Around Amma 2023 Gurukula Satsang

The significance of chanting Brahmarpanam before meals

It is not only about expressing gratitude for the food we eat but also about recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and elements involved in bringing that food to our plates

Around Amma 2023 Ashram Life Meditation

Interaction with the kids and a lesson in mindfulness

6 Feb 2023, Amritapuri Ashram The daily evening bhajans at the Ashram are always filled with joy, laughter, love and peace. It is a time for the community to come together and connect with the divine through music and prayers. During one of these bhajan sessions, Amma was interacting with the kids, and one of […]

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May we all become the hands of God

“With all the love that you have, this center came into existence. Now, without extinguishing that love, it is your dharma to sustain it and to take it forward. Its light must be beneficial to everyone.”

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Sannyas is a state of total renunciation beginning and ending in compassion

Each moment should become filled with alertness, love and faith as the sannyasin strives to reach that goal. We need to develop awareness in each and every word, every look, every thought and every action.

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When the impurities are removed, our Bhakti will become mature

23 August 2019 — Amritapuri AshramSreeKrishna Jayanthi Celebrations – excerpts from Amma’s message Today is the sacred day when the Lord Krishna took avatara on this earth as the embodiment of strength and beauty. He gave this world the message of courageous action and pure love in all its fullness. The Sanskrit word avatara has […]

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Kids tying rakhi to soldiers, get inspired to follow Dharma

15 Aug 2019, Amritapuri A small function was arranged at the ashram to honour the soldiers on the day of Rakhi. As a mark of respect love and gratitude, the kids of the ashram kids tied rakhi on their hands, applied tilak on their forehead, waved arati, and fed them with sweets. Inspector J Jonah […]

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Proper yoga practices are like diving deep into the ocean

On International Day of Yoga, participants attending Amma’s Santa Fe retreat were treated to a special yoga session with Amma. “Yoga is not just physical movement, like going to the gym and exercising,” Amma explained. “Rather, it is yet another way to know God, the infinite power we truly are. Yoga is meditation. Just like […]

Around Amma 2019 Ashram Life Celebration Holi

Playing Holi at Amritapuri

21 March, Holi Festival – Amritapuri Normally the festival of Holi takes place when Amma is traveling in the North of India as part of her annual Bharata Yatra. This year Holi took place just a few days after Amma returned to Amritapuri so all the residents in the ashram were fortunate to celebrate with […]