Gita Jayanthi celebrations illuminate Ashram with art & wisdom

December 22, 2023: Amritapuri.

The spiritual canvas of Amritapuri Ashram was woven with the timeless verses of the Bhagavad Gita during the radiant celebration of Gita Jayanthi. Under the theme “Utishtha Bharata—Rise Up, O Bharata,” devotees and artists alike gathered to immerse themselves in the profound teachings of this revered scripture.

The air was thick with spiritual fervor as participants engaged in a series of events that brought the Gita to life. Gita chanting, Gita talks, and a distinctive Gita painting session were integral elements of the celebration, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the day.

The melodious chanting of all 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita by the Brahmacharinis created a divine ambiance, filling the hallowed halls with the essence of spiritual wisdom. Simultaneously, 82 artists, spanning generations and artistic backgrounds, took brush to canvas, transforming the verses of the Gita into a visual symphony of mural, abstract, and character paintings.

The artistic diversity reflected the multifaceted teachings of the Gita, with each artist offering a unique interpretation through their chosen style. Each brushstroke, a silent prayer, collectively formed a tapestry of shared wisdom and devotion, encapsulating the profound teachings of the Gita in a spectrum of colors and forms.

During the evening program, Amma graced the artists, expressing joy and admiration for their creations. Meeting each artist individually, Amma blessed both them and their paintings, creating a moment of profound connection between spirituality and creative expression.

Six Ashram kids took the stage, delivering insightful talks on the Gita in English, Malayalam, and Sanskrit. The speakers and the topics were
Sumedha on Brahmisthithi; Anandaraman on Nistraigunyo Bhavaarjuna; Jeevan on Atmanye Atmana Tushtah; Sivaprasad on Yogastha Kuru Karmani; Soham on Raga Dvesham; and Amritavarshini on Fear.

Their reflections delved into the significance of various slokas, practical applications, and how these teachings manifested in their young lives. The children’s eloquence showcased a remarkable assimilation of Gita’s wisdom at a tender age, emphasizing the universal and timeless relevance of its teachings.

Throughout the celebrations, the resonant echoes of “Ponder (Vichara), Practice (Achara), and Propagate (Prachara)” permeated the atmosphere. The event reinforced the enduring impact of the Gita’s teachings on individuals of all ages, fostering a deep connection between spirituality and the expressive canvas of creative minds.