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When Amma will return to our continent?

Straight from Amma’s 64th birthday celebrations, Swami Ramakrishnanda Puri travelled halfway around the world to bring Amma’s love to her children in South America. Swami’s tour began in Santiago, Chile, where 10 years earlier Amma made her first visit to South America. Even though Amma visited only once, more than a decade ago, Swami’s annual […]

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Diwali is a reminder to invoke the divine within our heart

17 & 18 October 2017 Diwali celebrations in AmritapuriDiwali was celebrated throughout Amritapuri in many ways. In the morning, as Amma made her way to the stage for the day’s darshan, she was welcomed by a group of Amma’s children from Tamil Nadu, dressed in beautiful attire and holding diyas (lamps) in their hands. They chanted […]

Around Amma 2017 Ashram Life

Navaratri days and Vijaya Dasami at Amritapuri

The first day of the Navaratri festival (Nine nights worshiping of Durga) this year was on September 21st. On that day, both at Amritapuri’s Kali Temple and the Kalari, beautiful and colorful ‘Golu’ dolls were being displayed with lights. Special homas and pujas were also conducted in the morning and evening in both locations by […]

Around Amma 2017 Ashram Life Krishna Jayanthi

Living with Sri Krishana, Janmashtami celebrations at Amritapuri

12 Sep 2017, Amritapuri The day’s festivities began with the Go Puja, the traditional cow worship. This ceremony is done on this day because Sri Krishna was a cowherd in his youth. At the head of a procession, the Ashram cows made their way to the front of the ashram where the special puja was […]

Around Amma 2017 Ashram Life Onam

Onam celebrations – pookkalam, sadya, tug of war and cutural programs

4 Sep 2017, Onam celebrations, Amritapuri Ashram For the last ten days, as per the tradition of the Onam harvest festival, the entire state of Kerala has been ordained with lush, beautiful flower mandalas. At Amritapuri, each day the floral decoration in front of Amma’s room was unique. Each day, the beautiful arrangement depicted a […]

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Ganesh Visarjan at Amritapuri Ashram

3 Sep 2017, Amritapuri Ashram After the Ganesha Chaturthi ceremony {news}, the beautiful, ornate clay idol of Ganesha was placed at the Kalari where special pujas were held every day. Every evening, devotees sang bhajans fervently to Lord Ganesha. After nine days, as per tradition, the Ganesha idol was taken to be immersed in the […]

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Little ones tie Rakhis to soldiers

7 Aug 2017, Amritapuri Today is Raksha Bandan day. At the ashram, the little ones tied rakhis (simple handmade bracelets, usually made of thread) on the wrists  of soldiers  put thilak on their foreheads and offered them sweets.  This is traditionally a day when brothers and sisters and celebrate and honor their bond by tying a traditional rakhi […]

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Gurupurnima at Amritapuri celebrated

09 July 2017, Amritapuri  Swami Turyamritananda lead the celebrations, conducted a Guru paduka puja of Amma at the Kali Temple. “There are many relationships in human life. But, the relationship between a Guru and disciple cannot be counted as one of these worldly relationships. In reality, the only bond of love that is eternal and indestructible is […]

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Onam celebrations at Amritapuri

4-14 Sep 2016, Onam celebrations, Amritapuri For each of the 10 days of the annual Onam festival, ashram residents as well as students took turns making beautiful big pookkalams (floral designs) at the foot of the steps to Amma’s room. Each day when Amma came out for darshan, she would stand there for some time, […]

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Swami Ramakrishnananda in South America

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri spent the past few weeks touring South America, conducting programs in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In each city that Swami visited, large crowds filled every hall. It was incredibly inspiring to see the devotion and enthusiasm of those that attended. Even though it has been more than 9 years since Amma […]