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Prepare our mind well before we perform our action

September 5-16, 2018 This September, Swami Ramakrishnanada Puri visited South America for the 20th time. Swami travelled to Peru, Chile and Brazil as part of his tour, spreading Amma’s message of love and compassion everywhere he went. In each city that Swami visited, large crowds filled every hall. It was incredibly inspiring to see the […]

International Forum

Trinity 2018 Ma Sarada Award bestowed to Amma

On the 11th of September (the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s famous speech at the Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago), Amma was bestowed ISOL Foundation’s “Trinity 2018 Ma Sarada Award.” The award was presented to Amma at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago “for her selfless love and compassion towards all beings […]

Nature Care

Amma joins “Swachhta Hi Seva” Relaunch with PM Narenda Modi

15 September 2018, Amritapuri As part of the Government of India’s “Swachhta Hi Seva” Relaunch, Amma held a video conference with the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi. Amma, Amma participated from the Amritapuri Ashram’s Darshan Hall, which was overflowing with devotees, disciples and students from Amrita University. Aside from Amma, other dignitaries who […]

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Keep India Clean and Beautiful; Participate in Swachhata Hi Seva 2018

Om Namah Sivaya My Darling Children, Nature and the environment are manifestations of God. The world—the created—and God—the Creator—are not two; they are one and the same. So, we must develop a respectful and worshipful attitude towards Nature. We have two mothers, the mother who gave birth to us and Mother Nature. Our birth mother […]

Around Amma 2018 Messages of Amma

Holding God close to our hearts, all obstacles on our path will fall away

2 September 2018, Amritapuri (Excerpts from Amma’s 2018 Sri Krishna Jayanti Message) Ashtami Rohini, the eighth day of the waning moon in the August-September month of the Hindu calendar, is the sacred day when the birthless, deathless Supreme Consciousness took birth as a human child in the city of Mathura. From the moment of his […]


Devotion is not running away from duties

Turning a blind eye to those standing before us, without consoling them lovingly, is not devotion.

Around Amma 2018 University

Spiritual knowledge should be our eyes, Science should be our arms : Amma

31 August 2018, Amritapuri Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s 15th Annual Convocation & Graduation Day Ceremony of Amritapuri Campus saw more than 1,325 undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph. D. students attaining their degrees in the presence of both Chief Guest, Dr. K Sivan, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and Amma, who is the also Chancellor of Amrita […]

Disaster Relief Flood Relief

Kerala Floods: Amrita rescue and relief work

From late July – August 2018, Kerala was hit by devastating floods and landslides, caused by unusually high levels of rainfall. The worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a hundred years, more than 400 people lost their lives and more than a million were displaced. Amma and her children were quick to respond. “Each day […]

Around Amma 2018 Messages of Amma

Onam: a beautiful memory of the past and a bright hope for the future

25 September 2018, Amritapuri Ashram (excerpt from Amma’s Onam Message) Onam is usually a time of celebration. However, this Onam, our minds are weighed down with grief. Many people lost their lives in the recent floods and landslides here in Kerala. Many people lost their homes and everything they had. It is heart-breaking that such […]

Around Amma 2018 Ashram Life

Amma hoisted National flag

15 Aug 2018, Amritapuri Amma hoisted the National flag, celebrating India’s 72nd Independence day at Amritapuri. As Amma unfurled the tricolour flag,  the military force did a ceremonial salute. Amma stood in the rain while saluting the flag, praying during the National Anthem.  Many people and children could be seen standing with tri-colour flags and […]