Month: September 2007

  • Bahrain 2007

    Bahrain 2007

    Sep 2007 Amma’s birthday celebrations held in Bahrain.  

  • Shoba Yatra 2007

    Shoba Yatra 2007

    Amritapuri 2007 Children dress up as little Krishnas, Radhas, Gopis and Gopalas for a procession that will lead through the Ashram to a local village temple.

  • Amma addresses gathering of Sannyasis in Sivagiri

    A Sannyasi’s Mind & Vision: Peace & Happiness for the Entire World 24 September 2007 — Sivagiri Math, Varkkala, Kerala It was a historic moment. Addressing an all-India assembly of sannyasis at the Sivagiri Math of the Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Sangha in Varkkala, Amma expressed her vision of sannyasa dharma. “A real sannyasi is…

  • Amma to address Sannyasis at Sivagiri

    23 September 2007 — Sivagiri Matham, Varkkala, Tiruvanantapuram District, Kerala Tomorrow, Amma will address an assembly of sannyasis from all over India at the Sivagiri Math in Varkkala, the main center of the Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Sangha. The gathering is part of the Sangha’s six-month-long celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Sivagiri Pilgrimage,…

  • Less than a week away

    Amma’s Birthday is less than a week away. The frame of the temporary shelter being built across the backwaters at Amrita University is quickly taking shape despite daily downpours.

  • Hong Kong programmes

    Hong Kong programmes

    Swami Ramakrishnanandaji and Br Shantamritaji were in Hong Kong from Friday, September 14 to Sunday, September 16, 2007. The first programme was in the Kowloon Hindu temple and consisted of Satsang and Bhajans . The attendance was marked by enthusiasm and great devotion. The next day, the IAM Technique was taught, after which many people…

  • Philippines programe

    Philippines programe

    8-12 September 2007, Manila, Philippines Swami Ramakrishnananda and Br. Shantamrita held a series of programmes in Manila, Philippines, from September 8-12. The programmes consisted of talks, meditation, and bhajans. Over 100 people attended in Makati, a suburb of Manila, many of whom had never met Amma before. Well-attended Homams (fire ceremonies) were held at two…

  • Swami Purnamritananda visits Japan 2007

    Swami Purnamritananda visits Japan 2007

    Sep 21, 2007 Swami Purnamritananda and Br Shantamrita held programs in Japan

  • China programme

    Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri visited Shanghai, China on September 6th and 7th of September. It was his second visit to the city. A special ½ day IAM course was taught by Swamiji, accompanied by Br. Shantamrita. A local person wrote in after the first evening, “Thank you for making this world we live in a better…

  • Vriksha Raksha Bandhan

    Vriksha Raksha Bandhan

    18 Sep 2007, Amritapuri During the two festivals “Raksha Bandhan (or ‘Rakhi’)” and “Bhaidooj” sisters and brothers show their love and respect for each other by tying a thread around their sibling’s right wrist. This morning, over 400 students at Amrita University’s Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and BioTech Colleges had gathered to participate in a…