Amma to address Sannyasis at Sivagiri

23 September 2007 — Sivagiri Matham, Varkkala, Tiruvanantapuram District, Kerala

Tomorrow, Amma will address an assembly of sannyasis from all over India at the Sivagiri Math in Varkkala, the main center of the Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Sangha. The gathering is part of the Sangha’s six-month-long celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Sivagiri Pilgrimage, a multi-faceted event blessed by Sri Narayana Guru himself in the 1928 and commenced in 1932.

Swami Ritambharananda, the general secretary of Sri Narayana Dharma Sangha, Swami Saccidananda, the secretary of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee, and other members of the Sangha came to Amritapuri earlier in the month to personally request Amma’s participation in the event.

Sri Narayana Guru often stayed in a hermitage on top of Sivagiri Hill in the seaside area of Varkkala from 1904 till his samadhi in 1928, which took place there itself. He was one of the great spiritual masters and social transformers of modern Kerala.

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