Month: October 2006

  • Ashram Tsunami documentary wins award

    Ashram Tsunami documentary wins award

    29th October 2006 — Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA The Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s documentary “Pray & Serve: Amma’s Response to the Tsunami” won the Filmmaker’s Award at the prestigious Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Arkansas, USA. The film was screened on 28th October and the award was presented the following night. This Hot Springs Documentary…

  • Children children everywhere

    Children children everywhere

    28 October 2006, GermanyTo anyone attending the programmes in Munich and Mannheim, one would think that Germany has more children than any other country on earth.   In both places, dozens of children shared the stage with Amma during satsang each night – in Mannheim, the count was as high as 75!   Even during the Devi…

  • Amma in Holland 2006

    Amma visited Holland on 25-27 October 2006

  • Amma in Manheim 2006

    Amma visited Manheim, Germany on 21-23 October 2006

  • Amma in Switzerland 2006

    Amma visits Switzerland on 17-19 October 2006

  • Finnish government honours Amma

    Finnish government honours Amma

    15 Oct 2006, Helsinki, Finland On behalf of the Government of Finland, the Honourable Cultural Minister, Tanja Saarela, welcomed Amma to Helsinki. In her speech, the honourable Minister Tanja said, “Globalisation as such is neither good nor bad, but there is a need for examples against greed and uncaring behaviour. A good example of this…

  • Amma in London 2006

    Amma visited London on October 12, 2006

  • May your hearts blossom

    May your hearts blossom

    Munich, Germany — 10 October 2006 Moving through the city of Munich one sees sculpted lions—stone, copper, iron—on almost every street corner. Munich is famous for its lions, as Berlin is famous for its bears. The lion, however, is special to devotees of the Divine Mother, as the goddess Durga is depicted as seated on…

  • Amma in Munich 2006

    Amma visited Munich, Germany on 6-8 October

  • Anytime, anywhere… anything is possible for Amma

    Anytime, anywhere… anything is possible for Amma

    October 4, 2006, 4:45 am, Amritapuri 3:30 a.m.: The bell rings for archana, a little earlier than usual. Some ashram residents haven’t slept, as they have been helping out with last-minute packing for the tour. The other sleepyheads were keeping awake in anticipation of Amma’s early-morning departure to the airport to fly abroad. 4:45 a.m.:…