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Vidyarambham by Amma

2 Oct 2006 Amma initiates babies into the world of alphabets, first lessons of tabla, harmonium and veena during Vijaya Dashami celebrations. At Amritapuri, the ceremony involves tracing each letter of the alphabet in a plate of rice or even in sand on the ground. Traditionally, the writing was alternately done on the tongue with […]

Messages of Amma Navaratri Videos

Victorious beginners: importance and meaning of Navaratri festival

Amma’s message on Vijayadashami day 2nd October 2006 Amritapuri Navaratri is a festival that is celebrated all over India. The word nava-ratri itself means “nine nights.” We are presently living in the night-i.e. in darkness, in the darkness of ignorance. The Navaratri Puja signifies the removal of this internal darkness and the dawning of the […]