Children children everywhere

Amma with children in Germany

28 October 2006, Germany
To anyone attending the programmes in Munich and Mannheim, one would think that Germany has more children than any other country on earth.   In both places, dozens of children shared the stage with Amma during satsang each night – in Mannheim, the count was as high as 75!   Even during the Devi Bhava puja in both cities, the children crowded around Amma on stage and participated in the puja – sincerely chanting ‘Om Parashaktyai Namah.’

Amma on stage with children in Germany

With well-organized child-care programs filled with games and arts and crafts, the children had ample outlets for their creative energies.   Many could be found walking around the hall dressed in costumes, wearing face-paint, or carrying around drawings which they gave to Amma during their darshan.   Others could be found doing seva in the snack shop or helping elsewhere in the hall.

On the second afternoon in Mannheim, between programmes, with the sun shining brightly, the parking lot outside the hall turned into somewhat of a carnival – children drawing with chalk on the pavement, others playing football (soccer), or demonstrating their acrobatic skills.

Germany has truly been a celebration for children of all ages.


German children on stage with Amma