Mentally challenged students redefine the essence of education and living

22 September 2023, Amritapuri Ashram 

In a touching and joyfilled event, 30 students from the Amrita Institure for Differently Abled (AIDA), a school for the mentally challenged in Kochi, (managed by MAM) accompanied by their teachers, had the unique opportunity to meet Amma at Amritapuri. The air was filled with innocence, laughter, and pure hearts as each student had a sweet and personal interaction with Amma.

During the heartfelt interactions, one of the students expressed a concern many of us share—will our prayers be answered? Amma, with her usual warmth and wisdom, reassured, “All innocent prayers will be answered by God.” 

“I have a desire to have icecream” said the boy.

In a beautiful demonstration of her words, as soon as the group finished their time with Amma, she promptly ordered the brahmacharinis to bring ice cream for everyone, students and teachers alike, fulfilling a simple desire expressed by one of the students.

The visit was marked by the students showcasing their talents with bhajans, mono acts, and dancing, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. Amma, fully immersed in their performances, cherished every little movement and word, reflecting the genuine connection she shares with all beings.

Notably, the oldest child in the class, a 52-year-old boy, stood as a testament to the timeless nature of innocence and the enduring spirit of learning.

Beyond the talents displayed, what stood out most was the evident love and care the students had for each other. Their bond was a testament to the nurturing environment provided by their school and teachers. This heartwarming display prompts reflection on the true essence of education—is it not meant to instill love, compassion, and a sense of community?

Amma, with her unwavering love and presence, provided the students with a rare opportunity to capture a moment forever—a group photo with her. This precious memento will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration and joy for the students, that they experienced during their special day with Amma.

Amma’s embrace extended beyond words and actions, embodying the essence of true education—one that fosters a sense of belonging, understanding, and care for one another. The day at Amritapuri served as a beautiful reminder that in the simplest gestures and interactions, the profound lessons of love and humanity unfold.