Around Amma 2023 Festivals Satsang

Embracing the Inner Light

Once that inner light ignites, even the hearing impaired can hear, the vision impaired can see. With this external lamp, you need to bring that light within.

Around Amma 2023 Birthday

An offering to Mother Earth

This diverse gathering saw participation from devotees representing all 28 states of India, as well as 69 other countries – a testament to the inclusivity and global reach of Amma’s teachings.

Around Amma 2023 Festivals

Rosh HaShanah celebration with Amma

Apples and honey were distributed as prasad, symbolizing hope for a sweet and prosperous new year ahead

Around Amma 2023 AYUDH Festivals Nature Care

Vishu gives us the message of seeing everything and everyone as equal

Environmental initiatives exemplify Amma’s commitment to environmental restoration and unity with nature, encouraging contributions from people worldwide to make a positive impact.

Festivals Messages of Amma

Do not allow ourselves to lose our self-confidence

The self-confidence is like a booster rocket. One should not compare oneself with others and develop an inferiority complex. Even people who are considered to be very strong, in certain circumstances they, can lose their self-confidence.

Around Amma 2022 Festivals

Gita is not practiced to attain success through petty achievements but to make our life a big success

We celebrate the birthday of the Bhagavad Gita – the words of the one who led the most glorious life, our Sri Krishna, as Gita Jayanthi, to ensure success in our lives.

Around Amma 2022 Birthday

Let us all become the change we desire in the world

Children, may your eyes melt with compassion. May your heads bow low with humility. May your hands be immersed in serving others. May your feet tread the path of dharma.

Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma Onam

Increase our circle of compassion

We have learned to fly like a bird and swim like a fish but have forgotten to walk and live like humans. Only when we realise this will our life become joyful.

Around Amma 2022 Festivals

Vishu celebrates humankind’s relationship with nature

A transformation should happen in man’s mind and ideology, in his perspective and actions. We should be able to live in harmony with the True Self, nature and God.

Around Amma 2022 Holi

The whole of Vraj played tonight in Amritapuri

Amma started throwing Colored powder all around. It was flying everywhere. Amma then took and shot streams through the air – water landing all over the place – to more shouts of joy.