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Shivaratri celebration at Amritapuri

(21 Mar '13)

10 March 2013, Amritapuri As Amma’s darshan was finishing, Amma’s message for Shivaratri was played on the big screens in the hall. At the end of darshan Amma started singing “Mano Buddhyahamkara Chittani Naham”. It was very moving. Many were in tears. Her innocent voice, the bhava of yearning for God were touching the hearts […]

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You are Able to do All Things

(26 Dec '12)

Christmas Eve 2012 in Amritapuri was celebrated in full style. All around the Ashram one encounters sights and sounds reflective of the Holiday Season. At the base of Amma’s home, a beautifully decorated Xmas tree stands filled with festive ornaments, including a small Nativity scene, and the staircase leading up to Her room is adorned […]

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Karthika in Kanni

(5 Oct '12)

04 Oct 2012, Amritapuri Karthika puja was conducted today, on the birthday of Amma (according to the Indian Calender – Karthika in Kanni month) at the Kalari. Kalari used to be a cowshed where Amma used to sit and meditate. Later she used that space to receive the devotees.

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Justice delayed is Justice denied

(4 Oct '12)

Chala is a small town in Kannur District of Kerala. In the recent past it bore witness to a catastrophic accident involving an LPG Gas Tanker Explosion. It was a cruel reminder of a similar incident which occurred in Karunagapalli (not so far from Amritapuri) which only added to the empathy that was felt for […]

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Amma’s 59th Birthday events – The Timeline

(3 Oct '12)

Here is the timeline of the events that took place for Amma’s 59th Birthday Celebrations held in Amritapuri on 27th September 2012 (start from down): 2:36 pm Amma’s Darshan starts… (ending at 10am the next morning), during which Amma gave the Matruvani prizes. 2:07 pm Amma initiates the free marriages of 25 impoverished couples 1:58 […]

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Free marriage for the poor

(30 Sep '12)

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations Amma conducted the weddings for 59 impoverished couples. The couples were given new cloths  and gold ornaments and food for all family members who attended. This was part of the number of charitable activities launched during the 59th birthday celebrations of Amma.  

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Amma ensures our entrance to heaven

(30 Sep '12)

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations AmritaSREE Suraksha Insurance program Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, Honorable Minister for Home Affairs, handed over 21 claims settled according to the Amrita Sree Suraksha Insurance Program. The members of AmritaSree & AmritaSREE LIC Surakha project will receive financial assistance (Rs 40,000 in natural death, RS 85,000 in accidental […]

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