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Anytime, anywhere… anything is possible for Amma

(4 Oct '06)

4 October 2006, 4:45 am, Amritapuri 3:30 a.m.: The bell rings for archana, a little earlier than usual. Some ashram residents haven’t slept, as they have been helping out with last-minute packing for the tour. The other sleepyheads were keeping awake in anticipation of Amma’s early-morning departure. 4:45 a.m.: The bell rings thrice, a clear […]

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Ashram alive again

(30 Jul '06)

30 July 2006, Amritapuri Amma returned to Amritapuri on Sunday, July 30th, 2006, after the recent Japan-North America yatra. She arrived at about 10:45 a.m., bringing smiles, laughter and tears of joy to the faces of Her children who had gathered to welcome Amma. In the throng of devotees were freshmen of the Amrita University […]

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Diminishing distances

(10 Jul '06)

Guru Purnima in Amritapuri 10 July 2006, Amritapuri For many years now, residents of Amritapuri have been celebrating Guru Purnima in the Guru’s physical absence. This is because Amma is usually in the U.S. during that time of the year. Amma usually calls though, and hearing Her soulful voice is the day’s highlight for ashram […]

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Amma left for Japan – USA

(25 May '06)

25 May 2006, Amritapuri Amma left Amritapuri this evening for her two month long Japan – USA programmes. For the past few days Amma had been meeting the Ashram residents seperately. Before leaving for the Japan – USA tour Amma had a meeting with all of the ashram residents, giving instructions on how all were […]

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“Did you go yet?”.. Darshan in Amma’s room

(24 May '06)

24 May 2006 — Amritapuri First it was the brahmacharinis… then the brahmacharis… then the Western ladies… then more brahmacharis… more brahmacharinis… then the householder ashramites… the Western men… and finally the sannyasins. During the past two weeks Amma has given private “room darshans” to all of the 3,000 residents of Amritapuri. It is a […]

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Christmas in Amritapuri

(25 Dec '05)

25 December 2005 — Amritapuri Never is Amritapuri filled with more of Amma’s devotees from the West than during Christmas. Each year people from America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the Western world come all the way across the globe to spend their winter holidays with Amma. Many of them only get 10 days […]

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Amma coming

(24 Jul '05)

The Ashram is bustling with activity as residents prepare for Amma’s arrival. Ashram residents are busy cleaning and sprucing up the premises to welcome Amma back after Her two-month Japan-North America Tour. Residents can be seen painting flower pots, changing curtains, and lovingly painting flowers on the steps the Amma climbs daily. All the different […]

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