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Hugging Saint on All Saint’s Day in Mannheim

(4 Nov '13)

November 1-2, Mannheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2013 Upon arriving at the Maimarkt Halle from Holland, Amma spent her ‘day off’ by serving a Prasad dinner to all the local devotees and tour staff that had spent the day hard at work preparing the hall for Amma’s program. After personally distributing food to everyone, Amma […]

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Devotion and selfless service are two faces of the same coin

(1 Nov '13)

Amma in Holland Oct 28-30, Houten, Holland – Europe Yatra 2013 The Expo Houten, in the Netherlands, became the seventh stop of Amma’s 26th European Tour. As Amma arrived at the hall on the evening before the program was to begin, rows and rows of Dutch devotees waited at the entrance to welcome her. After […]

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Amma reaches our hearts, embraces Berlin

(27 Oct '13)

Oct 25-26 – Berlin, Germany – Europe Yatra 2013 After a drive of over 1100 km from London, Amma arrived in Berlin in the wee hours of Friday, October 25th, the same day that her program there was to begin. Nevertheless, Amma was right on time for her first program at the Velodrom, which at […]

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Amma integrates her spiritual message and her love with real action

(24 Oct '13)

21-23 Oct, London – Europe Yatra 2013 Amma was accorded a grand traditional welcome on Her arrival in the famous Alexandra Palace. People from all over the United Kingdom had gathered to welcome Amma for the twenty-sixth time.   Lord Andrew Stone, Baron Stone of Blackheath, and member of the House of Lords, welcomed Amma […]

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Serving my children is my vacation

(20 Oct '13)

Oct 17-19 – Paris, France — Europe Yatra 2013 Paris has always been one of the most crowded of Amma’s programs in Europe and keeps growing with every year. The venue ‘Hall Saint-Martin’ at Cergy Pontoise remained full throughout the three days this year as well; Parisians were ready to wait for hours and hours […]

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Amma in Munich

(16 Oct '13)

Oct 12-15 – Munich, Germany — Europe Yatra 2013 Zenith Halle, the venue of Amma’s program in Munich, was brimming with joy as Amma entered the hall for darshan on the first morning. As she walked to the stage through arches made of leaves held by devotees dressed in traditional Bavarian attire, the choir sang […]

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May you continue to transform more and more people

(11 Oct '13)

08-10 Oct, Winterthur, Switzerland – 2013 Europe Yatra Amma was accorded a warm welcome by her Swiss children on arriving from Helsinki at the Zurich airport. The venue of the program was the same as the last few years at the Eulach Halle in Winterthur. As Amma arrived at the hall, she was given a […]

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