Amma integrates her spiritual message and her love with real action

21-23 Oct, London – Europe Yatra 2013

Amma was accorded a grand traditional welcome on Her arrival in the famous Alexandra Palace. People from all over the United Kingdom had gathered to welcome Amma for the twenty-sixth time.



Lord Andrew Stone, Baron Stone of Blackheath, and member of the House of Lords, welcomed Amma to the UK and said in his address, “It is a great honour to be here welcoming Amma to London – she is one of the world’s most loved and well-respected humanitarian leaders, whose spirituality emanates through her heart. I am struck by how Amma integrates her spiritual message and her love with real action on the ground. She is truly a living example of unconditional love, and proof of its power when channelled to serve those in need.”

Others who welcomed Amma were the famous screenwriter of the Bafta Award winning documentary, “Senna”, Mr. Manish Pandey, and Ms. Taylor Thompson, philanthropist and member of the Thompson Reuters Board. Mr. Pandey performed the European release of the book “The Colour of the Rainbow”, authored by Swami Amritaswarupananda, and Lord Stone received the first copy. The book focuses on the compassionate approach to leadership, as exemplified in Amma’s teachings.

Amma’s visit to London was also covered by the One Show, a daily television programme broadcast on the BBC, attracting on average an audience of 5 million viewers. After the interview, “Pudsey Bear”, the mascot of BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ charity, came for Amma’s hug, to a thundering applause from the audience.

Amma’s darshans went on for long hours throughout the three-day programme, as people kept streaming into the venue all the time. The cultural programs of music and dance were a beautiful blend of East and West. As Amma got up after each darshan, it was such a joy to see the devotees gather all the way along the long corridor to the exit, and Amma playfully interacting with all of them.

One of the days, as Amma walked out the hall, a devotee said to her, “Amma, sleep well.” Amma patted her cheek and said, “Amma will sleep when her children have awakened.” Let us reflect on the profound meaning of Amma’s words, and on the blessing of being able to live in the same time as her, in her living presence…

– Shubam


Serving my children is my vacation

Oct 17-19 – Paris, France — Europe Yatra 2013

Paris has always been one of the most crowded of Amma’s programs in Europe and keeps growing with every year. The venue ‘Hall Saint-Martin’ at Cergy Pontoise remained full throughout the three days this year as well; Parisians were ready to wait for hours and hours for their turn to meet Amma.


On the evening of the second day, Amma was awarded the ‘Chromy Award 2013′ by Anna Chromy, famous painter and sculptor, to the thundering applause of the huge audience. The award was in honor of Amma’s worldwide humanitarian work and for being such an inspiring force of love and selfless service in the world. Ms. Chromy said in her award giving speech: “This award is a symbol of consciousness, harmony and love. We see all this in Amma, who shares it with others as well. I’m very happy and touched to give this award to Amma tonight. It is so impressive that Amma not only talks but also translates her message into action. So many people have been inspired by Her. In this way, many small streams create a powerful river, which helps to change the world for the better. In India alone, Amma is helping millions upon millions of people through Her organization ‘Embracing the World’.”

Previous laureates of this award include: Prince Albert of Monaco, Philippe Pozzo de Borgo, Alain Bougrain Dubourg, and Tony Juniper.


Amma’s rendition of ‘Nirmala Snehame’ (one of Amma’s Malayalam bhajans) in French brought tears into the eyes of many in the crowd. Amma said in one of Her talks, “There are many types of powers in this world—intellectual power, military power, financial power, political power and power of written word… But the greatest power in the entire universe is the power of love.” This was so visible during Amma’s Paris program. One could see Amma’s love filling all hearts. One could also see the love in the hearts of hundreds of volunteers who were ready to serve without thinking of their own comforts or rest, simply desiring to be in the service of Love.

Having started on Saturday evening, the last day’s darshan continued until 11.45am the next day. As Amma walked towards the camper to drive to the next destination, hundreds of devotees stood on both sides, full of yearning for one last glance from Amma. The next stop is London and the tour continues without a break. If there is a word missing from Amma’s dictionary — it is the word ‘rest’. Amma put it beautifully when she was asked as if she would not have a vacation after a program like Paris. Her answer was, “Serving my children is my vacation.”

– Shubam

Amma in Munich

Oct 12-15 – Munich, Germany — Europe Yatra 2013

Zenith Halle, the venue of Amma’s program in Munich, was brimming with joy as Amma entered the hall for darshan on the first morning. As she walked to the stage through arches made of leaves held by devotees dressed in traditional Bavarian attire, the choir sang Happy Birthday, commemorating Amma’s 60th Birthday. The whole crowd sang along.


Amma started Her talk on the first day saying, “When Amma sees all her children sitting together, it feels as though Amma is standing in a large garden, where flowers of different colors and fragrances together spread a unique perfume.” It was so true as the four-day program in the Bavarian capital was truly a confluence of devotees from not only Germany but also Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. As Amma gave her talks, the screens showed the simultaneous translations in different languages for the benefit of these devotees. Most of them extended their heartfelt invitation to Amma to visit their country.



The second day program also coincided with Vijayadasami, the day when Navaratri (the nine day worship of the Divine Mother) concludes with the Saraswathi puja (worship to the Goddess of Knowledge) when children are initiated into letters (Vidyarambham). For those who have already begun to acquire knowledge, it is a reminder that only one who can maintain the attitude of a beginner will be able to learn. The devotees were overjoyed as Amma led the initiation into letters on the morning of the second day, with the chanting of “Om Hari Sri Ganapataye Namah” and the Sarasawati mantra.

Like every year, the Munich program was studded with vocal and instrumental performances of Western classical music by eminent artists. The local satsang groups from the different countries also performed for Amma. On the final day, as Amma got up after darshan in the early morning hours, the hall was still full of people. They joined in the shout that was led by Amma, “Mata Rani Ki Jai” with their hearts filled with gratitude.


May you continue to transform more and more people

08-10 Oct, Winterthur, Switzerland – 2013 Europe Yatra

Amma was accorded a warm welcome by her Swiss children on arriving from Helsinki at the Zurich airport. The venue of the program was the same as the last few years at the Eulach Halle in Winterthur. As Amma arrived at the hall, she was given a traditional welcome by the devotees playing a Swiss Alphorn and bells.


During the first evening program Anita Buri, a famous TV personality and former Miss Switzerland officially welcomed Amma to Switzerland. She said, “Amma – all of us thank you for being here. You are able to inspire so many people around the world through your embrace, life and teachings. I sincerely hope that you continue to transform more and more people who will in turn spread your message of love and compassion to others.”


There were some exquisite cultural programs that were held each day, which were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. Apart from the Western classical music performances by distinguished artists, there was a dance presented by Amma’s children belonging to three generations, offered as a token of gratitude to Amma for having come into their lives. This dance was also offered as their gift to Amma on the occasion of Her 60th Birthday, which was just 10 days before. Another highlight was the Swiss folk songs presented by children again from different age groups, which gave a glimpse of the life in the beautiful Alps and talked about peace, love, and humane virtues.


The Swiss precision and efficiency was seen so clearly in the whole organization of the program. One could see Amma’s teachings clearly reflected in the actions of all the volunteers, “The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of this earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible.”

The next stop is Munich. Prem kin nadiya bahti jaye…..the river of love continues to flow.


Amma is laying the foundation of Modern India: Narendra Modi

26 Sep 2013, Amritapuri – Amritavarsham60
(Excerpts from the address of Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Sri Narendra Modi. Original speech was mostly delivered in Hindi. The content below is the translated version of the same)

Dear Sisters, Brothers and devotees – I offer my loving greetings to all of you.

I am standing here today in front of you, not as a chief minister of Gujarat or as a leader of some political party, but as a humble devotee of Amma, who has come to take part in the celebration of Amma’s 60th birthday along with all of you. How blessed are we, to have lived in this era and to have been able to get Amma’s blessings! I consider it my fortune that I have been able to personally come and participate in Amma’s 60th birthday .

On this auspicious occasion, I offer my salutations (pranams) at the holy feet of Mata Amritanandamayi.

I have been closely watching the activities of Amritanandamayi Math over last several years. It is a massive humanitarian organization. It covers so many activities like empowering women, disaster management, slum renovation, fighting hunger & disease, healthcare & nutrition, education, green initiatives – list goes long and long – this is the kind of work done by Amma. If you look at them closely, Amma is addressing the issues that are relevant for 21st century. What Government has to do, Amma is doing. Amma is known throughout the world, for her selfless love and compassion. She is a vast ocean of love and boundless energy. What has attracted me most is Amma’s simple teaching through Amma’s simple language, that even the common man can understand and benefit from. She always says that – “Love is the centre of every relationship. Real happiness lies in sharing unconditional love and compassion, which are two divine qualities.”

As you are all aware, Amma’s entire life has been totally dedicated in weeding out of the suffering of the poor, the downtrodden and the deprived sections of the society. Ancient rishis have inspired us through their wisdom and teachings. They have shown us several methods of worshiping God. But one of the noblest and simple method of worshiping God, is serving the poor, the sick, the hungry and the needy. Amma feels that Maanav Seva is Maadhav seva (service to mankind is service to God). In Amma’s own words, “We have learned how to fly like a bird and how to swim like a fish, but we have forgotten how to live like a human being. It seems we have to learn that skill and it is only possible if we learn about yourself. We have to subject ourselves to self analysis.”

It has been told in our scriptures that “Gurunaam mata gariyasi” i.e. Among all Gurus, Mother is the greatest. But how magnificent would be the state where both Mother and Guru have appeared as one! “Na Maatahu ParaDaivatam” i.e. There is no God apart from Mother. There is no state higher than Motherhood.

Today I have come here to participate in Amma’s 60th birthday. But I am not able to withhold myself from saying something. I should be invited during Amma’s 100th birthday also. Ofcourse, in this wish, my selfish interest is also hidden (smiling).

Many a birthdays are celebrated and so are many other occasions. However most of these are celebrated for the individual gratification. Very rarely are such events celebrated for the larger cause of masses. Today we are celebrating Amma’s birthday for masses, and not for an individual.

While sitting I was thinking of how to express the significance of this event in words. I am feeling the limitations of my thinking abilities. The power of my words is becoming feeble, because in the midst of overflowing emotions, one cannot help but get immersed and the words seem limited to express anything.
In one way, it is not just an event to celebrate the 60th birthday. The way in which the inventions were launched on the stage, one after another, I can say that it is an event of laying foundation for the Greater modern India. What is the capability of India’s spiritual heritage – The role model of Rishis, Munis and Gurus is in front of us today. What it was capable of, had been limited to information in the books. That is why sometimes our belief in such things (ability of Gurus to lead) is wavering. But today when we see whats happening here – “Nar karni kare to Narayan ho jaye“, like our scriptures say. This sankalpa – how to carry out that work in a scientific and modern way so that it is useful for coming generations of the next century – that is the kind of sage like work that is happening under Amma’s guidance today.

Even if Amma had restricted herself to spiritual discourses only, her greatness would not have been lesser anyway. But along with spiritual messages, Amma has also paved the way for betterment of mankind using those spiritual principles. She has inspired mankind to work for the upliftment and fulfilment of the needs of the common people – through the medium of modern setups, through modern technology and innovations, and the efforts to use science and technology for the common masses. This in itself is a realization of the expansion of the boundaries of spirituality. And when a person experiences this spirituality and its inventions in one’s own life, then the individuality drops away and the person merges into the whole. And real spirituality is “Sarva Jan hitaay Sarva jan sukhaay” i.e. the good and welfare of everyone.

Now a days, in the world, many discussions centred around economics are happening. There are talks about inclusive growth, welfare of the poor etc. But if we sometime remember our sages and saints of the yore , we will find that there is no greater manifesto than the two lines which they have given us through Vedas and Puranas – Even for any Indian political party it is not possible to have a better manifesto – For any government in the entire world, there is no better guidance – That simple manifesto is “Sarve Api Sukhinah Santu, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kaschit Dukhabhagbhavet” i.e. “May All become Happy, May All be Free from Illness, May All See what is Auspicious, May no one Suffer.” When all our sages, saints, Vedas and Puranas have discussed about “happiness and welfare everywhere”, then the question comes “what can be the way towards that all-encompassing happiness?” – Amma has showed us that way today.

In our country, there have been many instances in the nation’s history , where Rishis have inculcated this principle in the minds of illustrious kings, while shaping them as future rulers. And today as I, who is working in a political arena, am here amidst the great spiritual personalities, it is quite natural that I am reminded of such instances. King Rantidev had given instructions for kings “Na kaamye rajyam, na moksham na punarbhavam, Kaamye dukkh taptanaam, Praninamarti nashanam” i.e. I don’t have desire for kingdom or for salvation or for rebirth – My only desire is to wipe the tears of the poor”. This is the kind of teaching that our ancestors have given us.

Sometimes when we see what is going around, when we read about the condition of India and where it stands, it is but natural that we become dejected. But I don’t feel dismayed by it. Even amidst this despondent situation, I feel that through these very 125 crore Indian brother and sisters, these very natural resources, these very capabilities, we can rise and lift Mother India to the level of World Guru. I feel this confidence because I have got the chance to see the various activities being carried out by great souls present here. It reminds me of the sayings of great spiritual personalities like Narendra Nath (Swami Vivekananda). What he said 150 years ago – “I can see today right in front of my eyes – that In coming days, my Mother India will emerge as the world leader” Today, I have to believe those words as the truth.

Maharishi Aurobindo had also envisioned grand and splendid India. It was his belief that the work for the welfare of the world will start on this very land of India. Even though we did not have the fortune to see Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Aurobindo, but when I see Swami Prakashananda ji of Shivagiri Mutt and the works done by Shivagiri mutt, when I see Amma and what all Amma is doing, the Rishis and saints spread across the length and breadth of India who are working in the present times for the welfare of India – looking at them, I feel assured that the words of Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Aurobindo cannot go wrong.

Our ancestors gave us the concept of “Vasudev kutumbakam” i.e. “The whole world is one family”. This concept of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” is not mere words, but we have taught it by living it.

There are two scenarios in front of the world these days. Let us take look at two such scenarios in this week – On one side, in Nairobi, innocent people and children are grilled with bullets; In Peshawar (Pakistan), the church is being attacked during the Sunday prayer and the people whose eyes are flowing with the tears of devotion for Jesus, are killed; Today morning we got the news that in Jammu & Kashmir, within Jammu region, our soldiers have been killed in large numbers by the terrorists – On one side, rivers of blood are flowing and on other side, we see this place where the Ganga of Love is flowing. Here people are thinking about saving lives, here people are doing inventions for the safety of mankind. Here Amma is bringing back those children who are well educated, whose roots belong to India and who are living in other parts of the world, by inspiring them and calling them back to their Motherland India. She tells them to make use of their intellect, energy, knowledge and wits. She inspires them to create inventions for the betterment and welfare of the humankind. And indeed many people from all across the globe are coming back to the doors of Amma.

In the spiritual wisdom of India, “Sarvajan hitaay Sarvajan sukhaay” i.e. the good and welfare of everyone, there lies a great potency hidden in this mantra. Because of that potency, on Amma’s call, many people are coming back after leaving their career, including scientists, technicians, well educated youngsters etc. By combining modern and futuristic technologies likeNano-sciences, Bio-technology, Genetic engineering, IT – these people are making inventions and discoveries for the safety of mankind. By seeing all this, a voice raises within my heart and soul, that, “This is not an ordinary confluence. This is not an event to merely celebrate the 60th year of an incarnation
. Rather, sometimes I feel that Amma is not an individual. Amma is the visible form of India’s grand mission. Amma is the visible form of fulfilment of hopes and desires of crores of poor people”. Stream of nectar flowing from Amma is the reason for blossoming of various lives, by inspiring those lives with the message of serving God by serving mankind. And this indicates the potential in the age old tradition of sages, from Vedas to Vivekananda. And today we have the fortune of extending that to the entire world through Amma.

Unfortunately sometimes those of us who have been though Macaulay’s education system, have shown contempt towards the Sages, Saints and our traditions, thinking that Sages and Saints are only interested in running the temples, ashrams, mutts etc. and live their life merrily and comfortably. But I can say with my experience that Hindustan’s tradition has been that our Sages and Saints have dedicated their lives for the welfare of the society. There are no missionaries greater than our Sages and Saints. And this tradition has been continuing since thousands of years.

Those who are familiar with the history of Bharat, if they look at the period of independence struggle around of 1857 or 1947, they will find that in this entire period of 150 years, Saints and other great personalities had created an atmosphere of social awareness. Look at Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Vivekanada, Swami Shraddhananda – there are infinite names in every corner of Hindustan. In every place some great personalities have taken birth and have lit the unflinching flame of social and spiritual awareness. Some for 30 years, some for 50 years, some for 100 years and because of that the basis for india’s independence struggle became ready.

In our schools and colleges, we are merely taught about Bhakti yuga, but looking deeply we find that it was the period of social awareness and that of a cultural movement that attired up the feeling of self-respect. Because of this basis created by these great personalities, India was able to continue with independence movement. I can say with confidence that just like the Saints prepared the basis for independence struggle of 1857 and overall independence revolution, in the coming days when India will celebrate its 75th year or the 100th year of independence and will stand with dignity, then the history will have to write that it is the same age old tradition of Sages and Saints, that has constructed the very basis, which along with self-dignity, will become the foundation for grand and magnificent India.

Today in every corner of India, through some or the other Saint, Sage or Rishi, the yajna of social awareness is taking place, and this is creating energy with a big potential for creating a grand and magnificent India in coming 40 years. And I am seeing a living example of this here today. On such an occasion, I offer my salutations at the feet of Amma and I am confident that when we celebrate her 100th birthday, this India would have been transformed into a grand and divine India. And in that India, we will celebrate the 100th birthday of Amma. Praying that God will give us that opportunity, I will stop my speech by offering my Pranams to Amma, respected Prakashananda ji, all the dignitaries belonging to various sectors, and to a large number of people here, who are involved in serving God by serving mankind.

When we submit ego and selfishness to God, attain perfection

As always the day of Thiruonam was a festive occasion in Amritapuri.  Accompanied by Panchavadyam musicians Amma made her way to the stage in the morning to the delight of the packed hall that had come for the festivities.
Amma started the celebrations by sharing her Onam message in which she said, “Onam sankalpa is a time of sweet memories of the past and beautiful dreams of the future. Normally human life is full of sorrow. Amidst all this sorrow, we dream of a future filled with happiness. It is not mere dreaming. There were times like that—times when people lived in love, harmony and unity. It was a time when no one lied or cheated anyone. It was the time when a king ruled with only one goal—the welfare of his people. We dream with longing for the return of such a time. With the return of Onam, we become nostalgic for the values that are fading away before our eyes.”

“Most of our festivals are in remembrance of avataras of the Divine Power: Rama Navami and Sri Krishna Jayanti are all examples of this. And Onam is also a day when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana. Regardless, in our celebration of Onam, the focus is not on Lord Vishnu’s avatara but on the return of Mahabali—the asura king—returning to check the welfare of his subjects. This is not without significance. It shows us that where we begin doesn’t make us great. One can be born a god or one can be born an asura. What makes one great is the renunciation of selfishness. The stories of Mahabali and Prahalada are examples of this ideal.”

“Most of you know the story of Mahabali. When Lord Vamana covered the three worlds with two steps, there was no place for him to take a third. But Mahabali still had something he considered his own. That was his ego. That is the reason why Mahabali offered his head and requested the Lord to place his foot on it with his third step. In this way, he managed to keep his promise to the Lord. Surrendering everything he considered his own, Mahabali attained perfection. Like Mahabali, we also have a kingdom—a kingdom comprised of our ego and selfishness. We have to offer that at God’s feet. If we are able to do so, then every day will become an Onam.”

After sharing her message with everyone, Amma guided everyone in a brief meditation and then asked everyone to get up on their feet and sing and dance with all their hearts, forgetting all their worries.  First Amma led everyone singing Bandalo Bandalo, followed by Madhava Gopala and finally Tannana Tanne as the whole hall rocked in celebration.

As soon as the singing ended Amma gave darshan just long enough to allow the stage to be converted into an Onam Sadya (prasad lunch) serving station.  Once all the dozens of huge pots of rice, sambar, avial, papadams, banana chips, payasam, etc were ready on the stage, Amma shifted from darshan to serving prasad to everyone.  It took more than 2 hours to serve all the 1000’s of people who had packed the hall.  Once all the human ashramites got their prasad, the largest ashram resident waited patiently in the hall for her serving…Lakshmi the elephant.  Amma lovingly and playfully served Lakshmi handful after handful of everything on the menu.  At the end rather than washing it all down with a bucket of water, Lakshmi decided to spray all the onlookers with her trunk sending everyone ducking for cover.


In the evening Amma returned for bhajans and then shortly after dinner to enjoy the myriad of cultural programs on the main stage.  International visitors, ashram residents and students and staff of Amrita University all offered entertaining dances, dramas and music to the delight of the crowd.  Just before midnight to cap off the day’s celebrations Amma led one more song- Varde Varde Maiya, sending everyone to bed with completely full hearts.

– Kannadi


Answers that are not in science should be searched in spirituality

12 Aug 2013, Amritapuri

Amma meets Scientists from International Conference on Biotechnology for Innovative Applications

A group of 100 scientists from all over the world including India, USA, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia, UK, and Australia had come to Amritapuri to participate at the International Conference on Biotechnology for Innovative Applications.

The conference, called Amrita Bio Quest 2013, was hosted by Amrita University’s School of Biotechnology at Amritapuri from August 10-14, 2013.

Amma met these scientists and had a very important discussion on various aspects of Biotechnology and Biosciences touching today’s pertinent societal needs.

A professor from National Brain Research Center asked about how modern stressful living can be studied while focusing on values and spiritual principles. Amma opinioned that medicine is absolutely necessary. Amma insisted education for life and education for a living are both needed. Education for living can come from traditional schooling while education for life, which is knowing how to control one’s emotions and develop values is also needed along with it- one conditioning the external world via science and another conditioning the inner world via spiritual sciences; both are important. Amma said “Even the Vedas insist on medicine, in fact Ayurveda is part of Vedas. It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Danwanthari Murthy (Lord of Medicine) and shared the knowledge of medicine.”

Medicine in the past has become poisonous
Amma however indicated that the human body had become weaker and the atmosphere is also getting more polluted. She explained that treatment of Tuberculosis used to be around 6 months in the past but today even after an year of treatment, the disease still might not be fully cured. Amma said, applying cow-dung to open wounds used to be medicine in the past but today cuts would become septic wounds if cow-dung were to be used. So things have changed and what was medicine in the past has become poisonous now. We are increasing the intensity and dosage of medicine today. More chemicals are being added and side-effects are also increasing.

Work together for the cause
Amma suggested the idea of different branches of medicine – Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga all working together to form a holistic approach for the betterment of the society. Amma acknowledged that many of those present in the meeting were great contributors to science and asked them to be alert and aware of the external and internal world and to work together for the cause could help the world.

Be natural 50% and be modern 50%

Prof. Suresh Subramani of UCSD then asked about recombinant DNA and genetically modified organisms. His question was whether we were disrespecting the species by altering its DNA even though it could have huge applications in terms of reducing poverty due to high yield, disease resistance etc.

Amma answered by saying with increasing human population and to avoid deaths due to poverty, such applications are being seen as solutions. However, while we make such seeds we need to add chemicals to make them grow and they will not grow naturally like in the past. Amma indicated that older, more natural seeds were the best but we cannot discard the new system either. With the help of modern seeds, some poverty related deaths have been reduced. Amma said it may not be possible to completely discard old or new methods, but rather an approach using 50% traditional methods, 50% new methods could be used. Modern seeds do not adapt to old fertilizers and natural seeds do not match well with new fertilizers. In fact Amma had tested the effects and found productivity was greatly reduced for new seeds with older fertilizers. Amma’s view is to focus on both appeasing hunger and promoting good health via both old and new systems. Amma said, to her, everything is significant and nothing should be discarded. “The old system was the best but to match today’s world adopting modern techniques may be needed.”


Medical system needs to be studied from its own standpoint
A professor from Turkey asked about the role of citizens in science and extending science beyond scientists.

Amma felt scientists should provide awareness of the pros and cons of science to citizens. Amma is not sure how successful it would be if citizens could make decision on scientific questions. The best for science may be when scientists discuss and approach the problems. Amma indicated the public’s opinion for cloning helped guide a former President of USA and that even Amma had sent an opinion. Amma felt scientists may not approve the role of citizen’s in making decisions for scientists. She used the example of Homeopathy, Allopathic and Ayurveda physicians being constantly in debate when it comes to treatment. Amma then talked about how each medical system needs to be studied from its own standpoint and yet the commonness needs to be sought. Amma insisted that sharing their discoveries and knowledge with society is very important.

There is nothing to be rejected
A question was posed to Amma as to what should be avoided in science. Amma answered that there was nothing to be discarded. Amma used the example of an aircraft engine and a screw. Both the screw and engine have their importance. Amma said, “Missing a vital screw would also make the aircraft unfit. Like that, everything has its place. What we see as useless grass may actual be highly medicinal. Some people drink wheat-grass juices as a health drink. Our ancestors used to do the same except today we give a modern name to it. Seeing this from a spiritual perspective, it is called Love. In Love, there is nothing to be rejected. Every being has a special quality”. Amma used the example of a dog, which many people may see as a useless animal. But where investigative officers may fail to catch a criminal, dogs can succeed. “Answers that are not in science should be searched in spirituality and those not in spirituality must be searched within science,” Amma said.

Most speakers commented on how a blend of dedication, selfless service and Love had transformed their visit to Amritapuri. It was their first time to see Amma’s message of Love, starting with her life and dedication.

– Kannadi

bioquest conference

Sri Krishna is Protector of Dharma and Jagat Guru

28 August, Amritapuri – Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations 2013

Like each year before it, the day of Krishna’s birth was celebrated in Amritapuri in a very festive atmosphere and music and bhajans were everywhere; it was a true celebration.

Early in the morning after crowds of people paraded through the ashram enthusiastically singing namavalis and Gopuja was performed.

Little gopis and gopas and krishnas were seen all around the ashram as many took the opportunity to dress up on the occasion and join a large procession led by the ashram elephant Lakshmi.
The procession began in the afternoon and first passed all around the ashram before proceeding to the Kuzhithura Sri Krishna Temple

Amma came to the big hall and gave darshan to all those that had come for the festivities. Then once all the preparations were made and the procession had returned to the front of the ashram, Amma joined with everyone to participate in the Uriyadi games. Amma sat on the temple steps and sang bhajans as everyone crowded around to watch the young participants try their best to break the small clay pots suspended from high above.

Right from Uriyadi everyone followed Amma back to the big hall for the evening bhajans which were highlighted by several beautiful Krishna bhajans. But the main event was still to come. After dinner, Amma came back to the stage for the grand finale. Amma gave her Sri Krishna Jayanthi message which was played on the big video screens.


“Sri Krishna Jayanti reminds one of the soul’s immortality.”

“The birthday of an ordinary person reminds us of the transience of human life, whereas that of a divine incarnation like Sri Krishna reminds us of the soul’s immortality” said Amma in her Krishna Jayanti message in Amritapuri.

“Lord Krishna’s life is a light illumining the way to the Supreme. God assumes a human form in order to teach how humankind may rise to the level of God. Like a mother who helps her toddling child walk, God accepts all the limitations of a human body for the sake of leading us. By assuming a human form, divine incarnations demonstrate how human beings ought to live” Amma said.

” Whereas the gopis, Arjuna, Udhava and Viduran became devotees of Krishna, Kamsa, Sishupala and Duryodhana rejected Him. Pointing to this, Amma said, “A mirror clearly reflects sunlight, whereas a piece of charcoal does not reflect sunlight at all. However, the sun does not discriminate between the mirror or charcoal piece, but shines equally on both.”

“Lord Krishna, who adorned himself with a peacock feather, continues to shine even today as the protector of Dharma and as the Guru of the world.
Through his life, Sri Krishna demonstrated the duties of a son, disciple, king, servant, teacher, friend and householder. It is this fullness and expansiveness that makes Krishna a purna-avatar, a complete manifestation of divinity in human form. Jagat Gurus (world gurus) are those who teach truth and dharma through their lives. Krishna expressed different bhavas to captivate different kinds of people. His teachings helped to uplift people of all levels, and they illumine the paths of knowledge, devotion, action and yoga. If we give up our ego and surrender to the Lord, He will protect us in all circumstances,” emphasized Amma.

Then as the clock approached midnight chanting from the Srimad Bhagavatam filled the hall as a Bala Gopala Puja was being performed on stage. Right at midnight, the hour of Krishna’s birth, Amma began singing beautiful Krishna bhajans in a very celebratory and joyous mood, including: Agatanayi Vishnu Devan, Nanda Gopan and Katitayitaram. Then Amma asked everyone to stand up and forget all their worries and dance with arms raised as she continued to sing: Bhajo Re Bhajo, Manamohana Gopala and Bandha Krishna.
After the bhajans, by 1am Amma served sweet payasam as prasad to one and all.

The disciple awakens from within, it is like a rebirth happening

22 July 2013, Amritapuri

After many years, Amma was physicially present for Guru Purnima in Amritapuri. Even though she had just arrived the previous day from her two month-long world tour, Amma came to the stage at 10.30 am for the function. The celebrations began with Amma’s Pada Puja, which was performed by Swami Amritaswarupananda accompanied by the chanting of the Guru Gita and Vedic mantras.

After the Pada Puja and chanting of Amma’s 108 names, all the Swamis offered a garland to Amma. Amma’s Guru Purnima message was then shown on the video screens.
In the message Amma said: “One may ask, “The scriptures say that God is within us and not different from our true nature. Then why should we seek refuge in a Satguru?” It is true that God is within us. We are, in truth, the embodiment of Sachidananda—pure existence, pure consciousness, pure bliss. But have we experienced this truth? No, it is being veiled by our ego. We hold the key to the massive treasure chest within us, but that key has become rusty due to a long period of lack of use. Just as we remove rust from a regularly key by applying grease, so too we have to remove the rust of our ahamkara and vasanas—our sense of “I” as a limited body and mind and our deep-rooted tendencies. This will help us realize our true nature. It is for this purpose that we seek refuge in a Satguru.


This physical body of ours is nothing but a bundle of meat wrapped up in skin. It has nine doors. And we think “This body alone is me.” Moreover, we continually nourish this misidentification. The ego wants to make us feel superior to others and wants others to show us respect.Everything is God’s creation—except the ego. That is our creation. We have to find a way out of this creation of ours. A wave or a bubble in the ocean is, in reality, not different or separate from the ocean. But what if the bubble clings to the idea that it is just a bubble, not the ocean?In a similar way, we need to remember: “I am not just this bubble of body, mind and ego. I am the ocean itself.” This remembrance can be achieved only through engaging in continuous spiritual practices.

When we bow down to a Satguru, we become free from the ego.The truth of our True Self gets revealed. We experience that we are not different from God. God is our true nature. Everything else can be attained by self-effort, but the only way to be freed from the ego is through humility and surrender. The seed and the tree are not different from each other. The whole tree is contained in the seed. But unless the seed goes under the soil and germinates, it will never become a tree. Similarly, when the spirit of surrender dawns in a disciple, freedom from the ego takes place naturally.

However much the guru tries to awaken the disciple, unless the disciple is ready to awaken from within, it will never happen. It’s easy to awaken someone who is sleeping, but it is impossible to awaken someone pretending to be asleep. When you break an egg by force, it puts an end to a life, but when the shell breaks from within, life is created anew. In a similar way, when the disciple awakens from within, it is like a rebirth happening. He or she awakens to their true nature. Being with a Satguru is like being a chick being warmed by the body of the mother hen. The guru’s presence creates the favorable climate in which the seeds of divinity within the disciple can sprout. The guru provides us opportunities. It is up to the disciple as to how they are used.

Once a guru knocked on a disciple’s door with a lamp in his hand. The disciple said, “Open the door and come in.” The guru said, “I cannot do that. This door can only be opened from within.” And so it is: the disciple has to open the doors of the heart to permit the entrance of the guru’s light.”

Hari Bol!!! Hari Bol!!!

After the talk, Amma asked everyone to stand up and dance to the tune of Hari Narayana. As the song’s tempo continually sped up, people cheered and shouted Hari Bol!!! Hari Bol!!!

Amma then led everyone in a prayer for world peace. She asked every one to visualize flower petals of peace showering down all over the world, spreading light everywhere. Amma then led all in chanting Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Then Amma spent the rest of the day receiving all the thousands of people that had come to the ashram to see her after a two month absence. The darshan finally came to an end at 4:35am the following day.


Amma in New York

11-13 July, New York – America Yatra 2013

After visiting the US Capitol, Amma travelled to New York City for the next stop on the summer tour. For three days Amma held public programs in the Javits Center, in the heart of Manhattan. As it happens every year, some of the biggest crowds of the tour turned up to receive Amma’s darshan, and listen to her bhajans and satsang. The final program, being a Saturday night, went all night until midday the next day, upon which Amma and the tour group travelled further up the east coast for the final stop on the summer tour in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
– Tulasi