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Amma in London

(29 Oct '12)

October 23-25, London, Europe Yatra 2012 From Paris Amma crossed the English Channel and continued on to London She held three days of programs in the historic Alexandra Palace. Amma was officially welcomed to the UK by Member of Parliament, Mr. Virendra Kumar Sharma. After garlanding Amma, Mr Sharma helped release ‘In the Shelter of […]

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Amma in Paris

(27 Oct '12)

18-20 October- Paris During her world tours, Amma is always greeted by full halls of people, but year after year Paris traditionally attracts some of the biggest crowds. This year was no different as massive crowds filled the Parc de Expositions in Pontoise for the three days of programs. On the first evening Amma was […]

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Amma in Munich, Germany

(22 Oct '12)

October 13-15 Munich, Germany This year marked Amma’s 25th visit to the city of Munich. There was a strong Bavarian spirit to the programs as each time Amma was welcomed to the stage there were rows of devotees dressed in traditional costumes of lederhosen and dirndl outfits and playing folk music. To enter and leave […]

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Amma in Winterthur, Switzerland

(15 Oct '12)

October 9-11, Winterthur, Switzerland After the long journey from Berlin, Amma arrived in Winterthur, Switzerland. She was welcomed by the sounds of a devotee playing an ‘alphorn’ (a traditional instrument used in the Alpine regions of Europe). After taking a moment to appreciate the music, Amma passed between rows of devotees that had lined Amma’s […]

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Beyond the walls of Berlin

(10 Oct '12)

October 5-7, Berlin, Germany For many, the city of Berlin brings to mind division and a wall that separated a generation of people living in the same city.  But the wall has long since come down and every year the people of Germany celebrate their unity with a special holiday.  So it was only fitting […]

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Tirumeni visits Amma to offer his best wishes

(25 Sep '12)

25 Sep 2012, Amritapuri Revered Philipose Mar Chrysostom Thirumeni, visited Amritapuri to offer his best wishes for Amma’s Birthday. He met Amma and spend more than 20 minutes with her. Tirumeni who is 95 years old has been coming to Amma since 2008. {news}. Has been a bishop for 59 years in the Marthoma church. […]

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Blissful Krishna’s Birthday Celebrations

(13 Sep '12)

08 Sep 2012, Amritapuri The celebrations to mark Krishna’s Birthday began early in the morning. Children were dressed up as Krishnas and the gopis; some painting their faces and skin all in blue to be a perfect physical copy of the Lord of Vrindavan. A large number of ashramites, devotees and visitors took part in […]

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