Amma in Winterthur, Switzerland

October 9-11, Winterthur, Switzerland

After the long journey from Berlin, Amma arrived in Winterthur, Switzerland. She was welcomed by the sounds of a devotee playing an ‘alphorn’ (a traditional instrument used in the Alpine regions of Europe). After taking a moment to appreciate the music, Amma passed between rows of devotees that had lined Amma’s path as she entered the Eulachhallen, happy to get a glimpse of Amma even before the official programs would begin the following day. But rather than just getting a touch of Amma’s hand and a smile, Amma decided to offer them much more. Amma asked one of the local coordinators if all the devotees there had eaten dinner yet, as it was already night time. As soon as the coordinator said no one had eaten yet, Amma immediately asked where the food was and said she would serve dinner to all. Everyone then followed Amma into the dining hall and were served a prasad dinner by Amma. While eating Amma shared stories and jokes with the devotees and once all had finished eating, led everyone in singing Bandalo. Since the bhajan session was so spontaneous there were no instruments around so Amma improvised and grabbed a bucket and a spoon and began playing the beat of the song. Following her lead the Swamis then also picked up plates and utensils and added to the music. So even before the official programs actually began, Amma treated all those present to prasad, satsang and bhajan.


A devotee welcomes Amma to Switzerland with music from an alphorn

For the next three days devotees from all parts of Switzerland and the neighboring european countries poured into the program venue. Amma’s satsangs were translated into English, French, German and Tamil reflecting the diversity present in the hall.


Prayer for World Peace

During the programs the well known Swiss singer-songwriter, Tinu Heiniger came to perform for Amma. He was fortunate enough to meet Amma 25 years ago on one of Amma’s first world tours and has over the course of his career dedicated many songs to Amma. He recently released his 15th album and also a new book “Mueterland“ in which he describes his experiences with Amma. He also regularly holds benefit concerts for Embracing the World and has often dedicated the proceeds of his albums to Amma’s charities as well.


Singer-songwriter, Tinu Heiniger performs for Amma