Shaken by Love, Dancing in Joy

May 27 -29  Tokyo, Japan — 2012 Japan – America Yatra

Indian Embassy Deputy Head of Mission Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Panda  welcomed Amma and said that this was his first meeting with her and he will cherish Amma’s embrace for the rest of his life. He lauded Amma’s vast humanitarian achievements and sought Amma’s blessings for the well-being of the people of Japan and the whole world.

The Tokyo programs were held in Shinagawa-ku, a very central area. People in the thousands thronged the hall for Amma’s darshan each day.

During a function, Amma distributed saplings to the young generation. These trees are indigenous to the disaster area in the northeast and will be planted in the coastal areas to restore the vegetation and prevent erosion and damage from future such disasters. She also  blesseed GreenFriends’ 10 Habits, a guide line towards living in harmony with nature.

There was a unique puppet show “Hachiouji Kuruma Ningyo”  for Amma which was well appreciated by all.   The Puppeteer explained that this was a 175-year old Japanese tradition offered as a prayer to the Divine for a bountiful harvest and prosperity.

On the second day at the end of the evening program, Amma danced to the tune of ‘Ayar Kula Kuzhanthey’, a new Tamil bhajan. This is the first time the Tokyo witnessed Amma dancing. It was so beautiful and spontaneous that it  took  all Japanese people by complete surprise.

The Japanese people expressed their joy and appreciation for Amma by performing a  group dance to a bhajan song “thi thi tara”  (Amrita Vahini). Br. Shantamrita, who takes care of the Japan activities, joined the dance. It was a heartwarming sight to see  Amma’s Japanese children hold hands and dance like they were one big family.

A group of Japan tsunami relief workers from the Amma Center came for darshan. Amma showered each one of them with love and affection and gave them a touching group darshan, too.

The Japanese people watched Amma leave the hall with tear filled eyes and waited  in line for Her loving last touch as She passed each and every one of them.

Amma then flew to North America to meet her children there in Seattle, Washington.

– Tulasi