Beyond the walls of Berlin

October 5-7, Berlin, Germany
For many, the city of Berlin brings to mind division and a wall that separated a generation of people living in the same city.  But the wall has long since come down and every year the people of Germany celebrate their unity with a special holiday.  So it was only fitting that Amma would arrive for her first visit to the city of Berlin on a day celebrating unity and togetherness.

With Amma, large crowd praying for world peace @ Berlin

Before her first public program Amma found time to sit with all the local devotees that had worked so hard to organize this program.  She served them a prasad dinner, shared stories and jokes and sang bhajans.

Over the next 3 days, large crowds filled the Velodrom, famous for its steel roof construction- with a diameter of 142 meters, it has Europe’s largest steel roof.  All the berliners came for their first chance hear Amma’s bhajans, listen to her satsang and receive her darshan.  Because of its proxmity to many neighboring countries, there were also large groups on hand from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia and Hungary.

During the programs Amma was also welcomed by several local dignitaries including the well known german actor Stipe Erceg, who officially launched the InDeed Campaign in Germany; renowned artist Rebecca Horn {news} and the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indian Embassy in Germany, Mr Ajit Gupte.

Even the well known ‘Berliner bear’ a symbolic figure of the city came to welcome Amma and receive her darshan

Amma being welcomed to Berlin by Ajit Gupte, Deputy Chief, Indian Embassy in Germany

Amma gave darshan till the early hours of Monday morning and then travelled south to her next stop on the european tour-Winterthur, Switzerland.