Amrita Vidyalayam schools top national awards

28 Nov 2012, New Delhi
In a Government initiated sanitation rating of CBSE Schools all over the country, Amrita Vidyalayams have topped bagging 16 out of 100 awards. There are more than 10,200 CBSE Schools in India of which nearly 1,500 are in Kerala. In the state of Kerala, Amrita won 10 out of 19 total awards conferred in the State.

Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju, HRD Minister, gave away the Awards for 2012 to School Principals in a function held at Delhi today.

The Amrita Vidyalayams that received the National School Sanitation Awards are: Thalassery, Palakkad, Mananthavady, Pulpally, Pathanamthitta, Pandalam, Thiruvalla, Ernakulam, Ottapalam, Koilandy, Secunderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Durgapur, and Ahmedabad.

The National School Sanitation Ratings is promoted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Government of India. These annual awards were given for those Schools who have been taken noteworthy steps towards the betterment of sanitation scenario through (i) awareness generation leading to behavioural change through students and community mobilization, (ii) technical innovation and interventions, (iii) creation & conservation of green spaces, etc.




Amma to address United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in China

November 26, 2012
Amma to address the UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) in Shanghai, China later this week.
More than 150 delegates from throughout Asia and the South Pacific—representing governments, academia, corporations, NGOs and cultural organizations—will take part in the two-day Shanghai Consultations titled “Harmony through Diversity and Dialogue”.

Amma will be delivering Her speech on “Coexistence and Engagement Between Cultures”. Amma is the only religious/spiritual leader who has been invited to this meeting. This will be Amma’s first visit to China.

The summit, which will take place in Shanghai on November 29 and 30 is being organised by UNAOC which is an initiative of the UN launched in 2005 by the then Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
The focus of UNAOC is to improve mutual understanding and cooperation between nations, cultures and religions, while helping to counter the forces that fuel polarization and extremism.

The event is jointly organised by the UNAOC and the UN Association of China, and co-hosted by Shanghai UN Research Association and Shanghai Zhongdao Group in partnership with Fudan University, Peking University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University (Australia) and International Movement for a Just World (Malaysia).



Amma in Dublin, Ireland

17-18 November, Dublin, Ireland – Europe Yatra 2012

The final stop of Amma’s 2012 European Yatra was in Dublin, Ireland. Knowing it was their last chance to see Amma until next year, people flew in from all over Europe for the weekend.

Amma was officially welcomed to Ireland by the Mayor of Fingal Dublin, Cian O’Callaghan. The Mayor also officially launched the InDeed program in Ireland.
Everyone that came to the programs was treated to the usual irish smiles and hospitality. Over the two days many groups of irish devotees came to perform both traditional Irish ‘stepdance’ and irish folk music to the delight of everyone present.

After the last program in Dublin, Amma flew to the US to continue her tour in Michigan.

Amma in Milano, Italy

13-15 November, Milano, Italy – Europe Yatra 2012

Amma held three days of in Milano, Italy at Malpensafiere hall.
Several dignitaries turned out to officially welcomed Amma to Italy. In addition to the Honorable Consul General India,  Mr Sanjay Kumar Verma, several Italian musicians and television personalities were present on the dais, including Elenoire Casalengo, Diego Dalla Palma, Kristen Grove, and Jo Squillo.


The large crowds showed their typical Italian enthusiasm and appreciation for Amma as they were constantly cheering and applauding each time Amma arrived or left the hall or sang a bhajan.

From Italy Amma travelled on to Dublin, Ireland for the final stop of the European Yatra 2012.

Amma in Mannheim, Germany

November 9-11, Mannheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2012

After her programs in Barcelona,{news} Amma traveled north and held three days of programs in Mannheim, Germany.

Amma was officially welcomed to Germany by Ulrich Schäfer, the Mannheim Municipl Councilor. In his welcome speech, Mr Schäfer said, “It is my deepest conviction that the work, which is voluntarily done by people who feel inspired, motivated and called by Amma, that this work will change our society. I thank you very much for coming to the city of Mannheim, inspiring us and giving us new ideas and I wish you and your people all the best and all the blessings.”

World renowned sitar player Shahid Parvez Khan came for Amma’s darshan and then captivated the crowd with a masterful sitar recital.

At the end of the first evening program one local devotee came for darshan and presented Amma with a new cookbook. The cookbook contained 108 recipes for different cakes contributed by many local devotees all dedicated to Amma. Then as Amma got up to leave the hall there were several tables lining Amma’s path displaying each cake from the book. Amma walked along the tables, taking time to appreciate each of the cakes and the love and effort that went into to making each of them.

After the programs in Mannheim came to an end, Amma travelled through the beautiful Swiss Alps on her way to Milano, Italy for the next stop on the tour.

Indian President launches Amrita’s A-VIEW on Aakash Tablet

11 Nov 2012, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi

Hon’ble President of India Pranab Mukherjee launched the latest version of Amrita University’s E-Learning platform A-VIEW 3.0  (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) on the Aakash 2 tablet.

The President A-VIEW Server with 1 Gbps link was unveiled and dedicated for the nation. Any institution of higher education can now use A-VIEW free of charge with this server.

The President said that technology enhanced learning was necessary for India, and these novel initiatives in Higher Education will be useful for Nation Building.

More than 14,000 teachers and students across 240 remote centers in India attended this event live. They are currently attending a national workshop about Aakash 2 using the A-VIEW software platform. Live teaching was demonstrated, and participants at a few remote centers showed their new Aakash tablets.

A-VIEW 3.0, the latest version, allows sharing of multimedia like 2D and 3D. A-VIEW comes packed with various unique knowledge sharing modules, high performance, better reliability, and features to handle huge classes easily. “A-VIEW addresses the most critical issue of India’s Education today: Millions of eager students wanting to learn but who are not fortunate enough to have well-qualified teachers” said Prof. Kamal Bijlani, Director, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab.

A-VIEW is currently being used by over 350 Universities and over 1000 colleges, and is provided free of charge for higher education. Earlier in June 2012, A-VIEW was used by IIT Bombay to train 10,000 teachers online at different geographical locations, which is the biggest online program undertaken in India, and probably across the globe.

The Union Minister for HRD, Dr. M. M. Pallam Raju; Ministers of State for HRD, Dr. Shashi Tharoor and Shri Jitin Prasada; Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, and Dr. Karan Singh, India’s representative to UNESCO were also present on this occasion.


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Amma in Barcelona, Spain

5-7 November, Barcelona – Europe Yatra 2012

After her programs in the south of France, Amma travelled south west along the Mediterranean coast and had three days of programs in Barcelona, Spain.


Amma was welcomed to Spain by on the first day by Salvador Jorba, Representative of the Government of Cataluñya and Josep Mayoral i Antigas, the Mayor of Granollers who both came for Amma’s darshan.

The hall was filled for all three days as people came from all over Spain for Amma’s darshan. Amma delighted all those present by singing bhajans in their native Spanish.

The final evening program went on till midday the following day and then Amma travelled on more than 1000km to the next stop on the tour in Mannheim, Germany.


Amma in Toulon, France

October 31 – November 2, Toulon, France – 2012 Europe Yatra

After her visit to Holland, Amma held 3 days of programs in the Zenith Omega Hall. Massive crowds took advantage of the holiday weekend and came to celebrate ‘All Saints Day’ in Amma’s presence. Amma gave almost a continuous three days of darshan as the ‘morning’ programs stretched well into the early evening and the ‘evening’ programs finished early the following morning. Even after the final evening program had ended near midday the following day, the hall was still completely full of devotees who wanted just one more glance of Amma before she left the building.

After the programs concluded, Amma visited the new ashram just outside the city of Toulon. The ashram building was originally built in the 13th century. It was originally used as a mill and is set on the edge of a small river and waterfall.

Amma spent the day there with the local devotees, and shared stories and jokes, sang and then served a prasad lunch to everyone. Amma then sang bhajans and danced.

Amma then travelled to Barcelona, Spain for the next stop on the 2012 Europe Yatra.

Amma in Holland

Houten, Holland – October 27-29 Europe Yatra 2012

Amma returned back to the european continent after her visit to the UK and continued her tour in Houten, Holland.

Amma was officially welcomed to Holland by The Deputy Mayor of the city of Houten, Nicole Teeuwen, as well as Kirty Matabadal, the UN Ambassador for Youth from Holland.

While addressing the crowd, Councilor Nicole Teeuwen said,

“When I saw who Amma was and all her projects over the whole world, I did not doubt for a second and said yes to welcoming Amma here. I was not only impressed by the projects but also the way she inspires people. Here too, I see this huge gathering of people I am truly very proud. So Amma very very welcome, and may you reach many people here, thank you.”

A puja for world peace was held at the end of the 3 days of programs. Then Amma traveled on to the south of France for the next stop on the tour in Toulon.