Amma in Mannheim, Germany

November 9-11, Mannheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2012

After her programs in Barcelona,{news} Amma traveled north and held three days of programs in Mannheim, Germany.

Amma was officially welcomed to Germany by Ulrich Schäfer, the Mannheim Municipl Councilor. In his welcome speech, Mr Schäfer said, “It is my deepest conviction that the work, which is voluntarily done by people who feel inspired, motivated and called by Amma, that this work will change our society. I thank you very much for coming to the city of Mannheim, inspiring us and giving us new ideas and I wish you and your people all the best and all the blessings.”

World renowned sitar player Shahid Parvez Khan came for Amma’s darshan and then captivated the crowd with a masterful sitar recital.

At the end of the first evening program one local devotee came for darshan and presented Amma with a new cookbook. The cookbook contained 108 recipes for different cakes contributed by many local devotees all dedicated to Amma. Then as Amma got up to leave the hall there were several tables lining Amma’s path displaying each cake from the book. Amma walked along the tables, taking time to appreciate each of the cakes and the love and effort that went into to making each of them.

After the programs in Mannheim came to an end, Amma travelled through the beautiful Swiss Alps on her way to Milano, Italy for the next stop on the tour.