Amma in Singapore

28 – 30 March 2009 — Singapore

Upon the conclusion of Amma’s tour of northern Kerala and Karnataka, Amma departed for Singapore. There, Amma held darshan for three days and nights at the Suntec Conference Centre.

Upon Amma’s arrival at Suntec, she was greeted by thousands of devotees and received with a traditional Chinese dance. Three distinguished guests welcomed Amma with garlands: Shi Fa Rong, a Buddhist monk from the Hood In Jing She Abbot Temple and a Representative of Singapore’s Inter-Religious Organisation; Sujatha Bhargavan, the president of the Sri Narayana Mission; and Mr. Lee Boon Siong, chairman of the Poh Ern Shin Temple, the Buddhist Temple of Thanksgiving.

Prior to the commencement of darshan, 100 Bursery Awards—education grants—where distributed to deserving Riverside Secondary School students from low-income families. Amma also blessed 50 saplings. The saplings will be planted by AYUDH-Singapore at the Dairy Farm Park on Earth Day, 22 April 2009. Pensions were also distributed to 50 impoverished, mentally and physically challenged senior citizens. Singapore’s Amriteswari Society will also deliver food to the seniors on a weekly basis. Furthermore, a group of 45 residents of the Angsana Home were brought for Amma’s darshan. These impoverished people are similarly served by the Amriteswari Society.

Amma’s Programmes in April

Amm’s Programmes in April

After the programmes in Nairobi, Kenya Amma will hold programmes in 3 Brahmasthanam temples in Kerala

17 -18 April 2009, Kochi
M.A.M. Kochi,  Kunnumpuram (NH 17) Edappally North P.O, Ernakulam, Kochi 682024 Kerala Phone: 0484-2800682

20 -21 April 2009, Palakkad
M.A.M. Palakkad, Amrita Nagar, Puthur Palakkad 678001 Kerala Phone: 0491-2535 011

23-24 April 2009, Trissur
M.A.M. Trissur, Amrita Nagar, Ayyanthole, Panchikkal Trissur, Kerala, India Phone: 0487-2362700

Amma in Bangalore

24 – 25 Mar – Bharata Yatra 2009, Bangalore, Karnataka
The Brahmasthanam Festival was celebrated with lot of gaiety and enthusiasm in Bangalore. Ten elderly and physically challenged people were given monthly pensions as part of the Amrita Nidhi project. Many Amrita University students volunteered their time and energy to selflessly serve the crowds during the two-day festival.  Since Amma has not visited the North Indian states this year, one could see a lot of devotees from the North attending the function here.

Students from Amrita University and Amrita Vidyalyam staged cultural presentations of various dances and Yakshagana during the two-day programmes in Bangalore. Students of Amrita University presented a wonderful music drama on Ramayana based on Sri Ramacharita manas of Tulsi Das.

Amma in Mysore

21 – 22 Mar – Bharata Yatra 2009, Mysore, Karnataka
A two-day Brahmasthanam Festival was celebrated in Amma’s presence at the Mysore Ashram. Amma gave Satsang, Bhajan, and led the devotees in Manasa puja in the local language of Kannada.

Over 55 students were given educational scholarships as part of the Vidyamritam project  in Mysore. Six ladies were given sewing machines as part of the AmritaSree economic development project.

Students of the Mysore branches of Amrita Vidyalayam and Amrita University performed a variety of cultural programmes for Amma and the assembled devotees.

University acquires fighter aircraft MIG-23

MIG - 23

The department of Aerospace Engineering of  Amrita University Coimbatore Campus, has recently acquired MiG-23, a fighter-aircraft, from the Indian Ministry of Defense.

“With this acquisition, students will be able to better study the functions and workings of various subsystems of an aircraft. When fully assembled, the MiG-23 will be an attraction for all interested” stated Dr. Chandrasekhar, the Dept Chair, who is from IIT-Bombay with over three decades of teaching and research experience.

“This fighter aircraft is an excellent educational model for students. They will have an opportunity to lay hands on a real-life aircraft and its subsystems; they will get a first-hand experience. The majority of its subsystems are already in place” said Guruvayurappan, who is overseeing the process of transfer and assembly of this unique one-of-a-kind acquisition by Amrita. The Dept. started in 2007, over 135 students are currently enrolled in the Aerospace B-Tech program.

The MiG-23 manufactured by the erstwhile Soviet Union in the 1970s used to be a prize possession of the Indian Air Force. Now there are newer generation fighter-aircraft’s like the MiG-27 and MiG-29.

The department of Aerospace is setting up state-of-the-art labs, including an Aerodynamics Lab, Aerospace Structures Lab, Propulsion Lab and Flight Dynamics and Control Lab. The MiG-23 will be part of the Aircraft Design Lab.

Amma in Mananthavady

March 18 -19, Mananthavady – Bharata yatra 2009

The two-day brahmasthanam festival was celebrated with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm in Manadavadi, in Amma’s presence.  Amma gave Satsang, Bhajan and led the devotees in Maanasa Puja.

Over 200 new students were enrolled into the Vidyamritam  Project for educational scholarships. They received their first cheque on the first day of programs in Manadavadi. Ten more women received AmritaShree’s financial assistance to start up self-help groups.

Watch photos here

Amma visits Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya


March 28 -30
Venue: Suntec City Convention Center, level 6, 0601 One raffles Blvd 59039539
Time: 10 a.m, & 7 p.m.
Contact: Amriteswari Society, M.A. Center, No.3, Hindoo Road Singapore.Tel : 6341 7701

Reunion Island

April 2-5
Contact: Amritananda Mayi Mata Ashram, Maison de l’Inde, Le Camp du Gol St. Louis, F-97450, Reunion Phone: (int+262) 26 74 97


Apr 7 eve, 8-9
Contact: M.A. Center, St. Jean Rd., Quatre Bornes Mauritius, Phone: (int+230) 466 2718

Nairobi, Kenya

April 12 – 13
AMRITA CENTER KENYA, Post Box: 39712,00623, Nairobi, Kenya. Phone: 254 20 4447938, 254 20 2091098

Holi celebration with Amma

11 Mar 2009, Amritapuri

At the end of darshan, one devotee came to Amma with a tray full of colours to celebrate Holi.The devotee dabbed Amma’s cheek with a little red.  A few others  joined too, smearing Amma’s face with different colours.  Amma was beaming with joy with a mischievous smile.


Amma started smearing the faces of everyone around her with different colors. Everyone’s face was lit up with joy. Amma asked for a pichkari, filled it with colored water, and out went the streams of colored water, spraying on the faces around.

Amma sang two songs, ‘Khol darwaza’ and ‘Ayi ye holi’ bringing full amazement and joy to all. Another festival of Holi was added to the colours of memory.

– Kannadi

watch photos of Holi celebration here.

Wealth from Waste

dace of joy
For the past month, members of Ayudh Europe have been staying in Amritapuri and have been lucky enough to be involved in the Ashrams’ ‘plastic project’ as part of their daily Seva. This project was started by a resident of the ashram who was inspired to re-use the waste plastic that she saw around her. Sorting the waste plastics from the rubbish bins is no small task, especially as every item must be hand washed, sterilized and dried. A number of products have been created from these simple materials, ranging from purses and wallets to shoulder bags and meditation mats. Each one is unique, brightly colored and painstakingly produced to a high standard. Techniques such as knitting, sewing, weaving and crocheting are used to create very attractive items. Children especially love to take part in this Seva and it is a great way for them to learn about recycling. Many of the devotees who have taken part have been so impressed that they’ve taken the idea home and started their own plastic projects.
dace of joy
Meanwhile at the ashram, the popularity of the products has meant that it has been difficult to meet the demand! It is not uncommon to see Ashramites using their recycled accessories and it seems there is a lot of support for the project here, especially from Amma herself! When presented with a handmade recycled bag, She held it up high for all to see and said: “You may think it is only a small gesture, but through this the hearts of individuals blossom and others are inspired to follow. This can lead to significant changes in society.”

Sorting plastic from the waste bins is not the most glamorous job, but it really makes you realize what a mess we leave behind. We find ourselves thinking twice when reaching for that plastic-wrapped packet of biscuits or chocolate bar…. The reality is that, while the snack will vanish in 5 minutes (or less!), the plastic will still be around even after we’re gone from the planet. Plastic bags take at least 300 years to break down into smaller particles. This is not a good legacy to be leaving for future generations. If we can think of solutions now, then perhaps we can lower the impact of this plastic epidemic that is sweeping the planet.
dace of joy

In one of her talks, Amma said that, because plastic is so prevalent in the world nowadays, birds are even starting to use waste plastic to build their nests! Also, in some of the more polluted areas of the Pacific Ocean, marine animals easily mistake plastic for food, which often leads to death because it cannot be digested.

By recycling plastic into desirable goods, we can not only prevent some plastic from polluting the natural environment and raise money for good causes, but most importantly raise awareness about the plastic problem. Perhaps people might be inspired, like we were, to think twice about buying plastic wrapped products – thus helping to bring an end to this problem.
dace of joy
This project and has really opened eyes to what is possible with a little bit of imagination! At this years AYUDH Europe Youth Exchange, watch out for the plastic recycling workshop- we hope it will be a real inspiration to everyone!

– Dass


Amma is a gift of God

7 March, Tiruvalla – Bharata Yatra2009

Amma was given a grand welcome at the Municipal Grounds in Tiruvalla, Kerala, for her second public program in the city on Saturday, 7th March 2009. Amma’s first program took place in this city nearly 20 years ago.

A colorful procession of the traditional art forms Panchavadyam, Kathakali and Padayani were presented as part of the reception.

Tirumeni welcome

Welcoming Amma to Tiruvalla, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar Senior Metropolitan Philipose Mar Chrysostum said in his address that “This Amma of Kerala is a gift of God. Anyone who sees this huge gathering can gauge the magnitude of Amma’s influence and reach. God is love. Wherever there is love, God is there. What is real love? We come to understand it through Amma’s different seva activities.

“Most of the people have misunderstood love – those on the stage, those off the stage and even those who are standing far away. Love is giving with joy, that which you value, when it is needed by another. God has blessed Amma with the ability to understand human need and render appropriate help accordingly. As a result many other people are also inspired to join in the humanitarian efforts. All praise to God who has given us this blessing in the form of Amma. May Amma be a blessing to many more people.

Tiruvalla Crowd

“Some people sitting here (in reference to the foreigners) do not understand Malayalam, but they have the capacity to discern the person (Amma). But most of us know the language and yet are unable to know the person.”

In conclusion he expressed his heartfelt joy at Amma’s Tiruvalla visit and prayed that Amma live for many years showering her blessings on all.

Amma was garlanded by the reception committee chairman T.N.Upendranatha Kurup, Valiya Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church Philipose Mar Chrysostum, Transport Minister Mathew T.Thomas, C.S.Sujatha MP, Joseph M.Puthusserry MLA and municipal chairman Jacob Vanchipalam.

Several of MAM’s charitable projects were extended to benefit needy members of the Tiruvalla community: Vidyamritam scholarships were distributed to poor students by Philipose Mar Chrysostum and five women belonging to the poor families were given MAM’s special financial aid of Rs. 10,000/- by and C.S.Sujatha, MP. Transport Minister Mathew T.Thomas gave away financial support to 10 AmritaSreee self help groups.

Addressing the gathering, Amma said: “Love should be the epicenter of our life and all our deeds should move around it. A society with goodness was the need of the modern age. Imparting value education to children was needed to achieve this goal. This is the age of global recession and we should start financial management right from our home.” She called upon her children to act diligently without losing confidence and faith in God.

For one day, Amma had become the epicenter of the people of Tiruvalla. Since the early afternoon devotees had been waiting patiently to hear her enlightening words, listen to her heart-stirring bhajans and receive her warm embrace. Until 7.30 am the next morning Amma continued to give darshan to what had been the largest gathering the city of Tiruvalla had ever seen.


View photos of Tiruvalla porgramme