Amma is a gift of God

7 March, Tiruvalla – Bharata Yatra2009

Amma was given a grand welcome at the Municipal Grounds in Tiruvalla, Kerala, for her second public program in the city on Saturday, 7th March 2009. Amma’s first program took place in this city nearly 20 years ago.

A colorful procession of the traditional art forms Panchavadyam, Kathakali and Padayani were presented as part of the reception.

Tirumeni welcome

Welcoming Amma to Tiruvalla, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar Senior Metropolitan Philipose Mar Chrysostum said in his address that “This Amma of Kerala is a gift of God. Anyone who sees this huge gathering can gauge the magnitude of Amma’s influence and reach. God is love. Wherever there is love, God is there. What is real love? We come to understand it through Amma’s different seva activities.

“Most of the people have misunderstood love – those on the stage, those off the stage and even those who are standing far away. Love is giving with joy, that which you value, when it is needed by another. God has blessed Amma with the ability to understand human need and render appropriate help accordingly. As a result many other people are also inspired to join in the humanitarian efforts. All praise to God who has given us this blessing in the form of Amma. May Amma be a blessing to many more people.

Tiruvalla Crowd

“Some people sitting here (in reference to the foreigners) do not understand Malayalam, but they have the capacity to discern the person (Amma). But most of us know the language and yet are unable to know the person.”

In conclusion he expressed his heartfelt joy at Amma’s Tiruvalla visit and prayed that Amma live for many years showering her blessings on all.

Amma was garlanded by the reception committee chairman T.N.Upendranatha Kurup, Valiya Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church Philipose Mar Chrysostum, Transport Minister Mathew T.Thomas, C.S.Sujatha MP, Joseph M.Puthusserry MLA and municipal chairman Jacob Vanchipalam.

Several of MAM’s charitable projects were extended to benefit needy members of the Tiruvalla community: Vidyamritam scholarships were distributed to poor students by Philipose Mar Chrysostum and five women belonging to the poor families were given MAM’s special financial aid of Rs. 10,000/- by and C.S.Sujatha, MP. Transport Minister Mathew T.Thomas gave away financial support to 10 AmritaSreee self help groups.

Addressing the gathering, Amma said: “Love should be the epicenter of our life and all our deeds should move around it. A society with goodness was the need of the modern age. Imparting value education to children was needed to achieve this goal. This is the age of global recession and we should start financial management right from our home.” She called upon her children to act diligently without losing confidence and faith in God.

For one day, Amma had become the epicenter of the people of Tiruvalla. Since the early afternoon devotees had been waiting patiently to hear her enlightening words, listen to her heart-stirring bhajans and receive her warm embrace. Until 7.30 am the next morning Amma continued to give darshan to what had been the largest gathering the city of Tiruvalla had ever seen.


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