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Amma in Mumbai

(29 Feb '08)

28 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 Bandra Public Program, Mumbai Amma entered the Bandra Reclamation Ground for the Mumbai public program in a blast of excitement. A traditional Maharashtra welcome was given, which is a musical ensemble with large horns, along with Vedic chanting. The program was attended by many dignitaries. The sheriff of Mumbai, Dr. […]

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Vow Not to Commit Suicide

(27 Feb '08)

24 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 Washim, Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra Amma’s first visit to Washim, an agricultural town in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha Region, was truly something to see. The people had never met Amma before, but they welcomed her with all the hearts and souls—filling the streets and offering her their pranams as she drove past and […]

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Mangalore Brahmasthanam Consecrated

(25 Feb '08)

18 February, Bharata Yatra 2008, Mangalore Amma consecrated the 19th Brahmasthanam Temple in Boloor, Mangalore. In the auspicious muhurta of Punarvasu Nakshatra occurring between 11.48 am and 1.48 pm, Amma first installed the Kalasha atop the Brahmasthanam and then the Murthi inside the sanctum sanctorum. The rituals began at 11.48 with installation of Kalasha. There […]

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First time in history someone is doing like Amma

(25 Feb '08)

22 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 — Secundarabad, Andhra Pradesh “A mother gives amrita [nectar] to her children; this is indicated by Amma’s name itself,” said Dr. T. Subbirami Reddy, Union Minister for Mines. “Just by getting her darshan we are filled by that shakti [divine energy].” Dr. Reddy was addressing the 30,000 or so people […]

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God rocks: Sculpts the image of God within

(25 Feb '08)

23 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 — Biloli, Maharashtra Not far past the border from Andhra Pradesh into Maharashtra, Amma and the caravan of busses pulled off to the side of the road. Everyone got out and sat around Amma on that quarry grounds. Granite pieces were there all around. The moon was near full and […]

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Karunya in Kannur

(16 Feb '08)

8 Feb 2008, Kannur, North Kerala, Bharata Yatra The program in Kannur was held at the Jawahar Municipal Stadium which was crowded with devotees from all parts of the district. This was the second time Amma’s program was held in this venue. Amma was welcomed with a ‘poornakumbham’ ceremony performed by Jayasuryan Bhattatirippad, and a […]

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We can change

(15 Feb '08)

“If we have discrimination we can improve our actions. When we have the right attitude, we can change our actions and experiences for the better. “One of Amma’s spiritual sons who had dreamt of becoming a doctor, had studied hard for the examinations, but had missed getting into medical school by just one mark. So, […]

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