We can change

“If we have discrimination we can improve our actions. When we have the right attitude, we can change our actions and experiences for the better.

“One of Amma’s spiritual sons who had dreamt of becoming a doctor, had studied hard for the examinations, but had missed getting into medical school by just one mark. So, he had no choice but to choose another profession. It so happened that he got a job working in a bank. But he could never bring himself do the job wholeheartedly because he was upset about not being able to become a doctor.

“He felt a lot of resentment and frustration inside, which started to reflect upon his performance at work. He would get mad and yell at his customers, especially on crowded and busy days. He asked Amma what he should do to change his attitude at work. Amma told him to imagine what he would do if one of his best friends were to send someone to see him at the bank. Wouldn’t he greet this person with a smile, and give him very good service? Or, how would he treat someone Amma Herself sent to see him? Similarly, he should imagine that each and every one of the bank customers were people sent to him by Amma. Doing so, the boy was able to change his attitude to one of love and respect.

“Children, we should try to perform all of our actions as sacred jobs entrusted to us by God. Then all of our actions will be transformed into devotional worship of God, and thus give us fulfilment. See all work as coming from God and our attitude will change and we will change”