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Amma’s rituals – with lotuses

(30 May '01)

30,May, 2001 Generally as a religion matures, its rituals become fixed and unvarying. This preserves something fine from the early times; it also tends to breed mechanical repetition and to block the heart’s natural tendency to respond with newness and freshness. Ritual can be the death or the life of religious practices. We are blessed […]

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Tai Chi classes

(29 May '01)

In ancient times Bodhidharma went from India to China, and it is said that for many years he meditated at the Shaolin monastery. He devised a system of physical exercises which served both as a means to maintain the health as well as a system of self-defense. The martial art he developed was Tai Chi. […]

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Amma, Healing the Heart of the World

(26 May '01)

An American devotee, Judith Cornell, has written a biography of Amma for mainstream publication throughout the world. In addition, Judith will be on a very highly rated and very highly watched TV news/talk show in the US called “The Today Show” on 10 July, to talk about the book and Mother. ‘Amma, Healing the Heart […]

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Mother’s vacation

(23 May '01)

23 May, 2001 A Wednesday in the middle of May was the last day Mother gave public darshan at Amritapuri before this year’s Japan/USA Tour. That was the day She started at around ten and finished only at the end of evening bhajans. There was still a week left before Her departure. What did She […]

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She is still whispering

(16 May '01)

16 May, 2001, Amritapuri Today, the 16th of May, is the last scheduled public darshan before Mother leaves for the six-week US Tour. Mother came to the temple shortly after ten in the morning, and it is now nearly seven in the evening, bhajans should be in full swing, but they aren’t, for still the […]

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Will Mother visit our homes?

(15 May '01)

15 May, 2001, Amritapuri The leaders of the villages Mother is adopting in Gujarat made the long train journey to southern Kerala just in time to see their new Mother before Her departure for the US Tour. They were on a mission: Representing the people of the villages where Mother is helping reconstruct homes, schools, […]

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Mother’s day

(13 May '01)

13 May, 2001, Amritapuri During the last few days before Mother leaves for any extended tour, especially one to foreign countries, as if determined to have a final long swallow of water before crossing the desert, people converge on the oasis of the ashram. The crowds are huge. Baths start at about two thirty in […]

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