Around Amma 2023 AYUDH Festivals Nature Care

Vishu gives us the message of seeing everything and everyone as equal

Environmental initiatives exemplify Amma’s commitment to environmental restoration and unity with nature, encouraging contributions from people worldwide to make a positive impact.

Around Amma 2022 Festivals

Vishu celebrates humankind’s relationship with nature

A transformation should happen in man’s mind and ideology, in his perspective and actions. We should be able to live in harmony with the True Self, nature and God.

Messages of Amma

Holding God above everything else in our life

The message of Vishu encompasses everything that is needed for living. It contains lessons of God-remembrance and devotion.

Festivals Messages of Amma

Face the situation with the attitude of acceptance

In life we only have two options. The first is to put in effort. The second is to accept. We cannot change everything in the world.

Around Amma 2019 Nature Care

Let our land be full of birds, butterflies and flower groves

6 April 2019, Amritapuri Upon the Vishuthaineettam campaign’s fifth year, a new facet “മുറ്റത്തൊരു പഴത്തോപ്പ് മുകളിലൊരു കിളിക്കൂട് Muttathoru Pazhathopp, Mukaliloru Kilikkootu—“An Orchard in the Yard, a Birdhouse in the Treetop” was launched by Amma in Amritapuri Ashram on Saturday. Speaking about the importance of setting up birdhouses and feeders, Amma said, “On the plank, leave […]

Around Amma 2018 Ashram centers Festivals

Every day should begin with the remembrance of God

15 April 2018, Amritapuri – Vishu celebrations The Vishu celebration was carried out with great enthusiasm all around the ashram. There were separate Vishukkani* arranged in the Kalari, near Amma’s house, and on the stage of the bhajan’s hall. Along with Vishukkani, saplings and plant seeds were also kept on the altar. Each devotee who […]

Messages of Amma

Environmental conservation is not so much part of mankind’s dharma towards Nature

Excerpts form Amma’s Vishu message. 15 April 2015, Amritapuri Vishu is an expression of our culture’s deep connection with Nature. The Kani Konna flower, the Kani Vellari vegetable and all the various fruits of Vishu are not only are associated with a successful harvest, they also symbolize the love and respect our ancestors had for […]

Nature Care

Saplings distributed for Vishuthaineettam

This year, Amma asked all those who celebrate the Kerala festival of ‪Vishu‬ to incorporate love and reverence for nature into their celebration {news}. It was Amma’s dream that this new tradition could help to imprint a deep bond with nature in the coming generations. Today, that dream is beginning to come true. Students of […]

Celebration Nature Care

Vrukshakkani and Vishuthaineettam instead of Vishukkani and Vishukkaineettam

Vishu is a festival specific to Kerala and to Malayalees, and it symbolizes the age-old bond with Nature. The highlights of Vishu are known as Vishukkani and Vishukkaineettam. As part of this year’s upcoming festival of Vishu, Amma has launched two initiatives to help foster love for nature in the hearts of the younger generations, […]

Celebration Photos

Happy vishu to all

14 April 2005 —Amritapuri Vishukkani arranged at the Kalari, Amritapuri Ashram. 4.a.m, 14 April, 2005. Read more on Vishu …