Let our land be full of birds, butterflies and flower groves

6 April 2019, Amritapuri

Upon the Vishuthaineettam campaign’s fifth year, a new facet “മുറ്റത്തൊരു പഴത്തോപ്പ് മുകളിലൊരു കിളിക്കൂട് Muttathoru Pazhathopp, Mukaliloru Kilikkootu—“An Orchard in the Yard, a Birdhouse in the Treetop” was launched by Amma in Amritapuri Ashram on Saturday.

Speaking about the importance of setting up birdhouses and feeders, Amma said, “On the plank, leave some water for the birds to drink and a handful of grain. In the heat of the summer, let the birds come and drink the water and eat the grain. Whether you are a university student or schoolchild, it is Amma’s dream and desire that all of you take part in this new initiative.” Amma launched these new projects by handing over the saplings and bird feeders to the AYUDH members at an event held today, just before Darshan.

After blessing thousands of fruit saplings prepared for distribution, Amma said, “Let our children plant and nurture these saplings. We must protect plants, trees and every other living being, understanding them be a part of ourself. Each year may Vishu mark the start of such worship. Our children should be taught to love and protect nature. This Vishu, may this culture be what we impart to them as the real Vishukaineettam.”

“How beautiful would our land be if it were full of birds, butterflies and flower groves!” Amma said. “If the land were to become rich, that richness will reflect in our individual lives as well. We will be full of joy and beauty, within and without.”

The campaign pushes to infuse the Vishu with a new green tradition: Elders gifting children not only Vishukaineettam—pocket change—but also Vishuthaineettam—saplings.

During the last five years, AYUDH volunteers have distributed more than 3.5 lakh saplings in Kerala through 230 Vishuthaineettam events, conducted in all 14 districts. And since 2000, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math has planted more than 10 lakh trees as part of the United Nation’s Billion Tree Campaign.