Vishu gives us the message of seeing everything and everyone as equal

Amma blessing saplings during Vishu celebrations

15 April 2023, Amritapuri Ashram – Vishu Celebrations

Amma launched global environmental initiatives during Vishu, including tree planting by the World Malayalee Council, a Civil 20 campaign to disperse one million seed balls worldwide, and AYUDH’s efforts in planting saplings and beekeeping to address environmental degradation and climate change in collaboration with volunteers worldwide.

Amma blessing a sapling during Vishu celebrations
Amma emphasised that without recognising the enduring unity between humanity and Mother Nature, the dream of peace, happiness, and harmony will elude us.

Addressing those gathered in Amritapuri, Amma said: “Alignment with nature is the lasting and closest bond for the human body and life. Without the elemental forces of earth, fire, water, air and space, humankind and other creatures will cease to exist. Our essential consciousness is the totality of all these forces. As long as we do not acknowledge this eternal unity between humankind and these natural forces, peace, happiness, and harmony will remain a dream. Vishu and Vishu Kani represent this elemental bond.”

“Vishu is a celebration of the bond between man and God, man and Nature, and man and man. It is clarion call to reclaim the glorious values of our timeless and imperishable farming culture. The word Vishu also means ‘equal’. Vishu is the day on which day and night are of equal length. The state of being equal is the central point of our existence. From that perspective, Vishu gives us the message of seeing everything and everyone as equal.”

Amma blessing saplings

Amma blessed the saplings for Vishu Thaineettam. In addition to Vishu Kaineettam, the tradition of receiving money from family elders, the young people celebrate Spring by planting trees, fruits and other vegetation in their local ecosystems. ‘Thai’ is the Malayalam word for sapling.

Amma with Johny Kuruvila, Global Chairman of the World Malayalee Council
Amma with Sri Johny Kuruvila, Global Chairman of the World Malayalee Council

Vishu, Kerala’s Spring celebration symbolizing prosperity and harmony with Mother Earth, served as the backdrop for these initiatives, aligning with Amma’s message of unity with nature and promoting equal and harmonious coexistence.

Simultaneously, the C20’s Sustainable and Resilient Communities working group, under Amma’s leadership as Chair of the G20’s Engagement Group for civil society, launched the ‘Seeds of Hope’ campaign to disperse one million seed balls in fragile ecosystems worldwide, engaging volunteers globally.

Amma holding a sapling
A diverse selection of tree and vegetation saplings was made in accordance with the local geographical and climate conditions.

The seed balls, created through workshops at MAM’s centers worldwide, aim to restore vegetation without further gardening, contributing to reforestation and soil restoration. Additionally, AYUDH initiated a beekeeping project at Amrita University to support declining bee populations, critical for global food supply.

These initiatives exemplify Amma’s commitment to environmental restoration and unity with nature, encouraging contributions from people worldwide to make a positive impact.

Vishu Kani in the Bhajan Hall in Amritapuri
Vishu Kani in the Bhajan Hall in Amritapuri.