Saplings distributed for Vishuthaineettam

This year, Amma asked all those who celebrate the Kerala festival of ‪Vishu‬ to incorporate love and reverence for nature into their celebration {news}. It was Amma’s dream that this new tradition could help to imprint a deep bond with nature in the coming generations. Today, that dream is beginning to come true. Students of Amrita University planted 100,000 saplings for the occasion. Renowned artists, writers and activists helped to distribute the saplings at our ashrams and centers throughout Kerala, including celebrated actor Mohanlal and actress Seema G Nair, writer KL Mohana Varma, poet/activist Sugata Kumari, poet and environmentalist Injakkad Balachandran, Deputy Director of Kerala’s Agriculture Dept. Smt. Nandini, Kozhikode District Collector Prashant Nair, IAS, and Kerala Excise Minister Shri. K. Babu.

Film actor Mohan Lal distributing sapling to a little girl
100,000 saplings at Amrita University
100,000 saplings at Amrita University