America 2019 Around Amma 2019

The quest for the “Truth of Life” and learning the way to maintain “work-life balance”

22-24 July, Tokyo – Japan Yatra 2019 Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma of the Indian Consulate in Japan welcomed Amma to Tokyo. He spoke about the greatness of the Indian culture and values that emphasized the importance of peace, harmony, selfless service and non violence. ‘When it comes to humanity, Indian society traditionally believes in Vasudhaiva […]

America 2018 Around Amma 2018

Arigato Amma from Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, May 29-31, 2018 Amma returned to the Ryutsu Center in Tokyo, Japan for three days of programs. Amma entered the hall through a hand-made, flower archway lovingly made by local devotees. During the three days of programs, devotees were treated to many cultural performances, including a traditional Shinto dance, a violin performance, and […]

Around Amma 2016

Students will feel and learn about living ‘rich in heart’ under Amma’s guidance

18-20 July,  Tokyo, Japan – America – Canada – Japan Yatra 2016 After her extensive tour of North America and Canada, Amma reached Tokyo the capital of Japan. Amma’s programs were held for 3 days in Tokyo at Belle Salee Shibuya Garden Hall. Student Volunteers from the Japanese student organization IVUSA have been actively participating […]

Around Amma 2016 Guru Purnima

The Guru-disciple relationship is an everlasting connection

From Amma’s Gurupurnima message If we try to count from the beginning of the Guru-disciple tradition, tens of thousands of Gurupurnimas’ must have been celebrated by disciples. Celebrations are mere road signs, pointing us in the right direction. To understand the meaning of these celebrations, we need to go beyond the external pujas and traditional […]


Amma to visit Tokyo Japan from 18 July

July 18-20, 2016Venue:BelleSalle Shibuya Garden, Hall CSumitomofudosan Shibuya Garden Tower B1,Nanpeidaicho 16-17, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan18 July (Mon) 11:0019 July (Tue) 10:00 & at 18:3020 July (Wed) 10:00 & 18:30July 20th (Wed) 18:30 to 20:00 Amma will be giving talk, bhajans, meditation and Darshan to all during these sessions.


Seed of Happiness from Amma’s teachings on Japan’s National Cultural Day

3 November 2015, Tokyo On the occassion of Japan’s National Cultural Day, a special lecture was held in Tokyo Women’s Plaza, located in the central area of metropolitan city. Swami Poornamritananda addressed the gathering on the theme “How to Attain a Peaceful State of Mind – a Seed of Happiness from Amma’s Teachings”. About 300 […]


Tokyo Navaratri Festival

25 Oct 2015, Tokyo, Japan The traditional Indian festival of Navaratri was celebrated with a one-day retreat led by Swami Poornamritananda. Just before the ceremony, participants offered various tools, equipment, and utensils in front of goddess Saraswati as part of Ayudha puja. In the morning, everyone participated in a Saraswati puja guided by Swamiji. After […]

Around Amma 2015

Japanese children are crying led Amma to Japan

26-28 May 2015, Tokyo, Japan This year marked Amma’s 25th visit to Japan. The three days of programs in Tokyo were celebrated by with many speakers and cultural performances. Amma was welcomed by Mr. Abbagani Ramu, Counsellor & Director, ICC, Indian Embassy. Ms. Masako Watanabe, one of the local coordinators who was present when Amma […]

Ashram centers

A retreat in the forest near Tokyo

28 Oct 2014, Tokyo A Spiritual Camp was organized by M.A. Center in a secluded forest outside Tokyo. Participants got a chance to live in nature for three days, where they could forget all their worries and tensions and focus completely on invoking the Divinity within. Meditation and Amrita Yoga classes were held along with […]


Amma in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan- 19-21 May 2014 Amma began her 2014 summer tour by making her 24th visit to the island nation of Japan. Soon after landing at Narita airport in Tokyo Amma was greeted by overjoyed devotees who offered garlands and flowers as a sign of their gratitude and respect. For the next three days Amma […]