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Truth & Secrets in Life

Some things that we know to be displeasing, we won’t say to a persons face.

Around Amma 2015 Ashram Life

Opportunity to serve is like winning a lottery

1 Sep 2015, Amritapuri Chair Cleaning Seva Normally when Amma arrives on the stage for bhajans, she immediately starts singing. But today she made the following announcement before she started, “A lot of the chairs in the hall need to be cleaned. Everyone should try to clean two chairs.”   So all throughout bhajans everyone […]

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Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

“If you are understanding the principle of the Guru, then the pain of separation from the Guru actually takes you to the Goal. If you are going forwards while understanding that Principle, then you won’t collapse.”

Disaster Relief Free Housing

Japanese students help Raichur housing project

Students participated in the free housing construction for flood victims.

Around Amma Satsang

Opportunity to serve the world is a gift from God

29 Oct , Munich, Europe Yatra 2009 Amma arrived at Munich after a long drive from Paris. The program hall is close to a very big BMW car office and one can see many cars being transported on trains from near the venue. As usual when Amma gives Darshan, Swamis sing bhajans on the stage […]


Seva during Amma’s 54th Birthday

Devotees doing seva during Amma’s 54th birthday in 2007


Icing on the cake: Amma in the kitchen

3:00 a.m., 27 September 2006 — Amritapuri In the wee hours of Amma’s birthday, Amma paid a visit to the kitchen, where hundreds of devotees had been busy for hours, preparing the rice, sambar and curries needed for the next day’s meals. On Amma’s birthday the Ashram feeds everyone without charge—anna-danam. With the potential of […]

Community Out Reach

Serve just one hour a day

10 August 2006 — Amritapuri Amma says that if everyone in the world were to spend just one hour a day in selfless service, we could change the face of the earth. Students attending classes at Amrita University have been taking Amma’s words to heart, and recently they started a collective called Amrita Sanjeevani, with […]

Around Amma Birthday

As the clock struck midnight

27 September 2005 — Amritapuri Many people stay up late the night before their birthday so they can be awake when the clock strikes midnight. Amma also got the celebration started just past the midnight hour, but of course not for her, but for her children. Just before the clock struck 12, Amma descended from […]

Around Amma Community Out Reach

Valuable donations

Tuesday, 7 September 2004 — Amritapuri The greatest miracle, Amma has said, is a mind desirous of helping others. The 10th standard class at Amritvidyalayam Perumbavoor is full of miracles. Inspired by Amma’s life of selfless service, Deepu S. Raju initiated a project in his class to help Perumbavoor’s poor. The project, called Karunamrita [Immortal […]