Opportunity to serve the world is a gift from God

29 Oct , Munich, Europe Yatra 2009

Amma arrived at Munich after a long drive from Paris. The program hall is close to a very big BMW car office and one can see many cars being transported on trains from near the venue. As usual when Amma gives Darshan, Swamis sing bhajans on the stage and today a calmer mood of the tour seemed prevalent. Devi Bhava at Paris had been very crowded and many volunteer tour-staff still had some of the tiredness and hangover. As today’s program neared the end, Amma was seen talking to two Ashramites who were travelling with Amma. Both of them had a slightly unusual Seva as their routine during the tour. Their explanations had a touch of humor in it. Amma laughed while they shared their humorous story.

in the pic above: Amma sharing laughter with  children in Paris.

After they both explained their roles, Amma looked at both of them and said. “Children, what you do is Seva towards the world. One should treat this as the best of opportunities and not complain or misspeak of it. To be of use to this world and do Seva is a great chance. To receive the opportunity to do Seva and serve the world is a gift from God. Imagine a poverty stricken person who has nothing, being fed through this act. That(being able to feed the poor) is Amma’s intention.” Amma was so benevolently looking deep into their eyes as she said those statements. Her eyes spoke the words of compassion. As Amma sat in this “materially rich” place such as here in Munich, her thoughts and intentions remained on how to feed her many “materially challenged” (poor) children elsewhere across the globe.

As she finished her beautiful little discourse, Amma’s embrace turned more soul-touching to observe and every person who came to her felt a longer, closer and a more endearing hug. It was very late in the evening, almost 12 hours since Amma had first started in the morning. She had no break, no gap or not even a pause. While her children were complaining of their daily Seva, Amma patiently showed through her daily life while explaining that the very possibility to get a chance to offer to the world it is a gift of God.