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  • Interaction with the kids and a lesson in mindfulness

    Interaction with the kids and a lesson in mindfulness

    6 Feb 2023, Amritapuri Ashram The daily evening bhajans at the Ashram are always filled with joy, laughter, love and peace. It is a time for the community to come together and connect with the divine through music and prayers. During one of these bhajan sessions, Amma was interacting with the kids, and one of…

  • Yoga is a comprehensive way of life & dharmic values

    Yoga is a comprehensive way of life & dharmic values

    Yoga keeps the body fit and mind still

  • Transform our life into Siva

    Transform our life into Siva

    When the mind is completely dissolved, Self-knowledge dawns and the realisation of “Shivoham” happens

  • All of you are my angels : Amma

    All of you are my angels : Amma

    15 December 2014 – Amritapuri Ashram The following dialogue took place between Amma and a visitor in Amritapuri during a seashore meditation and question-and-answer session. Question: Amma, I have heard and read many things about angels. Can you tell me about them? Amma: For Amma, all of you are my angels. There is an angel…

  • IAM in Halkida

    23 – 25 Sep 2011, Greece IAM course was held in a retreat center at Sunshine House in Halkida, one hour distance from Athens.

  • Mantra japa and Ma-Om

    Mantra japa and Ma-Om

    “In today’s world, people pretend to sleep. One can’t wake them. In the same way, we are not yet ready to wake up. In fact, the disciple has to open the door so that the master can enter.”

  • Photos at Amritapuri July-August updated on 28

    August 2009 Photos at Amritapuri in the month of August 2009: The new open area behind the E-building; Amma at the beach; Amma with Damayanti Amma… July 2009 Photos at Amritapuri in the month of July 2009: Amma arriving at the ashram after her US tour; Amma at the beach with her disciples and devotees…

  • Give Peace A Chance

    5th European Youth Exchange 19 – 26 July 2009, M.A. Center, Germany From 19th to 26th July 2009 young people from all over Europe flocked to the M.A. Center Germany to participate in the 5th annual European Youth Exchange. “Give Peace a Chance” was the theme of the week, which for the third time was…

  • Nagano Retreat

    20 Oct 2008, Nagano, Japan Location of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is a mountainous area that receives large amounts (over 3m!) of snow each winter. This idyllic rural location became the backdrop for this year’s Japan retreat, with Swami Purnamritananda held at the Beech Meadows in the Nabekura Highlands. Despite the remoteness of the…

  • Sw. Ramakrishna visits Brazil and Chile

    26th September – 2nd October 2008 Brazil and Chile Swami Ramakrishnananda ended his tour of South America by visiting 5 cities between the two countries in less than a week’s time. Beginning in one of the biggest cities in the world, Swami held two programs in different parts of Sao Paolo. Both were well attended…