All of you are my angels : Amma

15 December 2014 – Amritapuri Ashram
The following dialogue took place between Amma and a visitor in Amritapuri during a seashore meditation and question-and-answer session.

Question: Amma, I have heard and read many things about angels. Can you tell me about them?

Amma: For Amma, all of you are my angels.
There is an angel in everyone. In Amma’s view, when we do good actions for the welfare of others—that is what gives birth to, or invokes, an angel. The good actions we perform transform us into a vessel capable of receiving God’s grace. So, you can say these actions come back to us as angels. Or you can say, these good actions are like a friend, or an umbrella, that protects us as we walk through life. This is my perspective. When we look into a mirror and smile, the mirror smiles back—doesn’t it? When we scowl into a mirror, that anger reflects back at us as well. Remember, whatever we do in life comes back to us.