Messages of Amma

Foster the remembrance of Krishna only to become Krishna

Lord Krishna showed us through the example of his life how to be joyful from childhood to old age and to make one’s entire life a celebration.

Messages of Amma

My devotee shall never perish

Bhagavan has taken the vow of protecting the devotee who completely depends on him

Around Amma 2019 Ashram Life Festivals Krishna Jayanthi

When the impurities are removed, our Bhakti will become mature

23 August 2019 — Amritapuri AshramSreeKrishna Jayanthi Celebrations – excerpts from Amma’s message Today is the sacred day when the Lord Krishna took avatara on this earth as the embodiment of strength and beauty. He gave this world the message of courageous action and pure love in all its fullness. The Sanskrit word avatara has […]

Festivals Krishna Jayanthi

GoPuja and Chanting of Divine names

23 Aug 2019, Amritapuri As part of Janmashtami celebrations (Sri Krishna’s birthday), devotees participated in GoPuja (worship of cows) and Nagara Sankeertanam (Chanting of the Divine name) at Amritapuri Ashram this morning. Later in the afternoon, there was Uriyadi (a traditional game where a pot filled with curd and butter is broken). As Amma came […]

Around Amma 2018 Messages of Amma

Holding God close to our hearts, all obstacles on our path will fall away

2 September 2018, Amritapuri (Excerpts from Amma’s 2018 Sri Krishna Jayanti Message) Ashtami Rohini, the eighth day of the waning moon in the August-September month of the Hindu calendar, is the sacred day when the birthless, deathless Supreme Consciousness took birth as a human child in the city of Mathura. From the moment of his […]

Around Amma 2017 Ashram Life Krishna Jayanthi

Living with Sri Krishana, Janmashtami celebrations at Amritapuri

12 Sep 2017, Amritapuri The day’s festivities began with the Go Puja, the traditional cow worship. This ceremony is done on this day because Sri Krishna was a cowherd in his youth. At the head of a procession, the Ashram cows made their way to the front of the ashram where the special puja was […]

Around Amma 2016 Ashram Life Krishna Jayanthi

Sri Krishna Jayanthi at Amritapuri

24 Aug 2016, Amritapuri The festivities began at 7:30 in the morning with a special procession from the Ashram’s cowshed to the front steps of the Kali Temple where the Go Puja was performed showing reverence to all cows. A large number of Ashramites, devotees and visitors took part in the procession and puja, singing […]

Around Amma 2016 Messages of Amma

Perform your duties wholeheartedly with an attitude of surrender and detachment

25 August 2016 — Amritapuri When we think about Lord Krishna, what are the first thoughts that enter our mind? Different people will answer in different ways. This is because Lord Krishna won’t allow himself to be confined within our limited thoughts and ideas. But one thing is clear: Everything about Krishna is sweet, alluring […]

Around Amma 2015 Krishna Jayanthi

Amritapuri has become Vrindavan on Sri Krishna Jayanthi

5 September 2015 – Krishna’s Birthday Celebrations at Amritapuri On the heels of a wonderful Onam celebration, just a week later the ashram was again in a festive mood for Krishna Jayanti. The day’s celebrations started at 7.30am with a cow procession from the kitchen area towards the front steps of the Kali Temple. A GoPuja […]

Around Amma 2015 Messages of Amma

It is to make humankind understand truth that God incarnates in human form

6 September 2015 – Amritapuri from Amma’s Sri Krishna Jayanthi message At the mere thought of Lord Sri Krishna, we feel an overwhelming joy arise within us. Even though it has been 5,000 years since the Lord incarnated on earth, his presence continues to shine in the culture and everyday life of the people of […]