Foster the remembrance of Krishna only to become Krishna

19 August 2022 – Faridabad, Haryana

Excerpts from Amma’s Krishna Jayanti Message

Like a full moon in the darkness of the night, Bhagavan descended amidst us. Even though he was born 5000 years ago, the immortal Sri Krishna still lives on in human hearts as love, beauty, and good culture.
Bhagavan Krishna can be seen throughout the social life, arts, literature, scriptures, and history of India. In Sri Krishna, we see the picture of a complete life. In it, there is love, tenderness, knowledge, dispassion, patience, generosity, compassion, and also courage.

Lord Krishna showed us through the example of his life how to be joyful from childhood to old age and to make one’s entire life a celebration.

We learn about Krishna and foster the remembrance of Krishna only to become Krishna. Each of us can awaken the Krishna within us. In fact, this was the reason why Bhagavan Krishna incarnated on earth.

Bhagwan Krishna embraced and accepted life in its completeness. He acted all the roles handed out by life with the dexterity of an outstanding actor.

The incarnation of Krishna is a very colorful one. However, its greatest quality is the wave of devotion it has succeeded in creating then and now in human hearts. Sri Krishna was a living embodiment of Pure Love. The language of love has no outer boundaries. It is a language that everything in creation- sentient and insentient- can understand. Bhagwan’s life became responsible for a perennial Ganga of love flowing through the parched land of human minds.

May Sri Krishna’s life and message shine forever on the path of our life, as an inspiration, a guiding light, and the ultimate goal.