My devotee shall never perish

10 Sep 2020, Amritapuri

Excerpts from Amma’s message on Sri Krishna Jayanthi

Sri Krishna is a historic figure whose unparalleled influence on mankind has prevailed for thousands of years. Sri Krishna’s and his influence pervade every aspect of life, including devotion, literature, the arts and even political strategy. The Bhagavad-Gita is a core text of Sanatana Dharma that Bhagavan Krishna gave to humankind through Arjuna. It is a scripture that transcends all religious boundaries. Sri Krishna reveals the path of freedom to human beings living in the prison of ignorance.

The Bhagavatam defines Sri Kṛṣṇa as a purṇa avatara [a complete incarnation]. The word avatara means “to descend.” It signifies God’s descent into humankind and human life. Bhagavan was a purṇa avatara and always abided in the True Self—ever complete, with no ups and downs or mental disturbances. However, just as a policeman dons a disguise to catch a thief, Sri Kṛṣṇa went down to the level of man. An actor may assume many roles, but underneath it all he remains the same. Similarly, Bhagavan had no ups or downs as he ever remained within his own Self. But in common parlance, it is termed a “descent,” like descending into a pigsty and living with the pigs in order to uplift them. Amma is not saying that humans are pigs. But even pigs are useful to the world. After they die, even their hooves and skin are useful. Humans on the other hand continue to pollute the environment and earth, even after they are dead, through the chemicals used in their burials. Amma doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. There is a saying, “What is a game for the cat is death for the mouse.” Amma says this because we often see people living without donating anything in charity, devoid of dharma, greedily grabbing and accumulating what is not theirs, and finding happiness in hurting others. We waste this precious gift of human birth just eating and drinking. How to live life in a way that will bring peace—this Bhagavan taught through example, assuming many roles to bring this teaching to everyone at their own level.

When God, who has neither birth nor death, lives in human form in this world, it enables humanity to connect with the God-principle and to establish a profound relationship with God. It enables us to tangibly see with our eyes, hear with our ears and touch with our hands, God, who was hitherto unseen, unheard and untouched.

Bhagavan Krishna proclaims in the Bhagavad-Gita, “My devotee shall never perish.” Bhagavan has taken the vow of protecting the devotee who completely depends on him, saying that he will rescue him from every fall. When the negativities of arrogance and selfishness, etc, appear in the devotee, Bhagavan will nip them in the bud by creating the appropriate circumstances.

For those who follow the path of bhakti, jnana or karma, the Lord’s life is a complete scripture. It contains all the teachings they need about that path. There are many lessons to be learned from it. This world and nature are God’s visible form; they are indeed God. Our life is the prasad—the blessed offering of God. What do we do when we get prasad? We eat it. In the same way, this life, which is God’s mahaprasad, should be accepted and welcomed by properly imbibing its underlying principles. This is the lesson that Sri Krishna taught the world.

Make your own life blessed by imbibing the lessons from the lives of great Mahatmas. When we do this, our life will naturally fill the lives of others with happiness and peace. This is the most compassionate act we can do for ourselves, for our own families and for this world. It is also the greatest form of service we can offer society. May the Paramatma bless you to derive peace and happiness in your journey. May grace bless my children.