Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima at the Ashram

13 July 2003 — Amritapuri No matter what one may say about Amma not being confined to the physical body, Her physical presence does make a difference. Anyone who has met Her will vouchsafe for that. But absence has the virtue of making the heart grow fonder. Those who participated in the Guru Purnima celebrations […]

Celebration Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima with Amma in Amritapuri

Today marked the second time in 15 years that Amma has been in Amritapuri for Guru Purnima, the day of paying homage to the lineage of Guru. And as Amma only arrived in India three days ago, it is as much homecoming as holy day – with thousands of devotees taking their first darshan of […]

Around Amma 2002

No rust for our Guru

It is better to get worn out rather than rust away. This is what Amma desires

Messages of Amma

Disciple is on a journey; Guru resting in his abode of the Self

Amma’s Guru Purnima Message 5 July 2001 Darling Children, “All my children must be celebrating Guru Purnima today. Didn’t you celebrate a similar Guru Purnima last year? Since that day until today, there must have been many lessons to reflect upon and imbibe. And there has been enough time also. There are innumerable lessons in […]