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  • BABEL: the sacred yields of dreams

    Building bee houses with mud and straw with an eco-green roof and walls inhabited by bee swarms. BABEL project by GreenFriends, France

  • Reforestation at the French Ashram

    29 Oct 2008, France GreenFriends France taken up a reforestation project to make the French Ashram a place where devotees and visitors can get in touch with nature and develop a deep sense of unity with. The reforesting of the property is one of the steps which will help bring about this new perception. A…

  • Celebration with Amma in Paris

    Paris, France – 25 Oct 2008 With the humongous crowds Amma’s Paris programs this year were a literal celebration for the French devotees. Amma hit the headlines of almost all the media giants of the country such as  “France 3”, “Cap 24”, “LCI” “Canal+,” “Le Parisien”, “Direct Matin”, “20 Minutes”, “RTL Radio” and “France Inter”.…

  • Amma in Toulon

    News Toulon, France – 17 Oct 2008 The 3-day program took place in Toulon, France in the large concert venue ‘Omega Zenith’ which is a national monument and like every year large number of people came to meet Amma and stood in line for hours to receive Her darshan. This year’s program in Toulon marked…

  • Love and Om

    Love and Om

    Paris, France — 17 November , Europe Yatra 2007 Francis, the man who drives Amma when she is in Paris, has been a devotee of Amma since she first began visiting Paris more than 20 years ago. This year it was very cold when Amma was in Paris. Some nights it got down to -9…

  • Amma visits Toulon, France 2004

    Amma visits Toulon, France 2004

    Photos of Amma her visit to Toulon from November 9-11, 2004

  • Amma’s visit to Europe: Toulon and Torino

    9 November 2001,Toulon, France Amma cooperates with a baby Amma plays hide and seek with a child Amma leads the arati during the Atma Puja Little girls selling flowers 13 November 2001, Torino, Italy Fire-fighters come for darshan. They asked Amma to pray for their fellow fire-fighters in New York. Amma sits for meditation

  • Incredible Hugging Saint from India

    5 – 7 November 2000, Barcelona Bidding au revoir to France, the tour moved on to Barcelona, Spain. Spain has become known for its large, enthusiastic crowds. There was a lot of media coverage throughout the tour, but it was especially impressive how many reporters came to see Amma in Barcelona. Local and national newspapers,…

  • Until 8 am in France

    28 – 30 October 2000, Paris, France Paris has traditionally been the site of the largest darshan programmes in Europe. Year 2000 is no exception. Many of the people who came to be with Amma each day were newcomers. The Holy Mother wanted to receive every single person and the morning programme could stretch on…