Reforestation at the French Ashram

29 Oct 2008, France
GreenFriends France taken up a reforestation project to make the French Ashram a place where devotees and visitors can get in touch with nature and develop a deep sense of unity with. The reforesting of the property is one of the steps which will help bring about this new perception. A small forest full of tree species coming from all over world is planned and will be a symbol of Amma’s universal message. In addition, there will be an apple orchard which also will provide shade for the visitors parking lot.

All this was accomplished this year by asking those devotees who came to see Amma in Toulon and Paris to adopt around 50 trees each. The adoptors of the trees have been invited to become more involved by planting their trees themselves this winter during two GreenFriends week-ends devoted for this activity.