Celebration with Amma in Paris

Paris, France – 25 Oct 2008

With the humongous crowds Amma’s Paris programs this year were a literal celebration for the French devotees. Amma hit the headlines of almost all the media giants of the country such as  “France 3”, “Cap 24”, “LCI” “Canal+,” “Le Parisien”, “Direct Matin”, “20 Minutes”, “RTL Radio” and “France Inter”. In addition to this, the International press agency, “Reuters” and “AFP” the French press agency were also present.

Jan Kounen, a renowned French Filmmaker, comes every year to see Amma.
He said: “I feel rejuvenated after meeting Amma. She gives me tremendous energy through her darshan, which helps me remain focused and also adds value to my work and life”.

As every year as the program in Paris comes to an end and Amma leaves the hall,
the devotees find it extremely difficult to let her go.